If there was a fountain of youth, it’d come from Oxtail. 

That’s because Oxtail contains collagen, the superfood of health and beauty. 

Most of us default to collagen powders because they are convenient, but I’m not 100% convinced they are nearly as effective due to how they are processed….and they sure aren’t superior to the real thing. 

That’s why Oxtail is my preferred source of collagen because it’s so rich and abundant with not only collagen but other important nutrients like glycine and gelatin...all in nature’s perfect, unprocessed balance. 

We aim to eat Oxtail once a week on Sundays. We’ve tried several different recipes but we always go back to my husband's family recipe Rabo Guisado Dominicano (tail stew) because the flavor can’t be beat! It’s got perfect Caribbean favors and intense savory comfort satisfaction. 

We’ve been loving @tripletbrands Oxtails because they are not only tender and delicious, but come from a small family regenerative farm where the cows feed naturally off the land and support a healthy ecosystem. If you're looking for clean beef, you won't find a higher quality than what Triple T offers. Delivery is super easy; just place your order online and they will ship frozen right to your door. 

Cooking Oxtail is simple but it takes a few hours. Here is our recipe! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

  1. Soak oxtail in water and coffee at a 1:1 ratio for 30 minutes 
  2. Remove oxtail and pat dry 
  3. Brown oxtail in coconut oil, tallow or ghee
  4. In large pot or crock pot add your browned oxtail 
  5. Then add...
  6. 1 can or bottle of beer 
  7. 4 TB tomato paste 
  8. Handful of cilantro
  9. 1-2 rough chopped tomatoes
  10. ¼ onion 
  11. 2 chopped carrots
  12. 1 head of garlic cut in half 
  13. ½ chopped green bell pepper
  14. 1tsp oregano
  15. ½ cup orange juice 
  16. Salt, pepper and any other spices you love! 
  17. Cook on medium heat/slow boil for 3 hours 
  18. Cook in crock pot on high for 3-4 hours

Keep checking (especially if cooking on the stove) to make sure water levels don’t get too low. You want about ¾ inches of liquid the whole time. Add a little water as needed.  

Oxtail is done when the meat falls off the bone and is tender. This dish is not fork friendly! Use your fingers!! 

We like to eat our oxtail with white rice and lots of broth poured on top. 

Strain the remaining broth and save in a container. You’ll have the richest and healthiest gelatin you can add to various dishes throughout the week. It’s so flavorful and nutrient dense. 

Some ways we like to use our leftover oxtail gelatin: 

As a spread for sammies 

A dollop in our eggs

Add to any meat dishes you cook throughout the week

Mix it into your potatoes

Top it on white rice

Or just eat spoonfuls like I do! 



March 05, 2021 — stephanie pena
Tags: recipe