A few months ago I saw a post in a facebook group for a skincare oil made of coconut oil, rose hip oil and argan oil. ⁣

The person posting claimed this face oil has a perfect PH of 5.5 ⁣

I thought that was weird...since oils don't have a PH. ⁣

I commented and said "oils don't contain a PH value" ⁣

And the minions quickly attacked. ⁣

So much so I questioned whether I was even correct. It was like a little gaslight attack where I felt lost and confused and was questioning myself...even though I knew the answer. ⁣

The truth is PH can only be measured in aqueous solutions (anything that contains water). There is no PH in oil. ⁣

Gotta love mom groups on Facebook! It's all good until you disagree, lol! ⁣

Makes me thankful for my wonderful Instagram family! ⁣

And chemistry. ⁣

I'm no chemist but I find it fascinating and love learning new things!
December 28, 2020 — stephanie pena
Tags: ingredients