The Kossma Promise
The Kossma Promise +

How We Stay Transparent

We Never

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Use harmful essential oils

Kossma does not use any harmful irritants or ingredients containing seed oils, synthetic, or filler oils in any of our products. We believe in saturated skincare that mimics the skin's natural biome, sustaining the body's natural state.

Compromise our values

Kossma is revolutionizing skincare. We are boldly stepping out of Unsaturated synthetic skincare that is sweeping the beauty industry, but Saturated skincare that mimics our skin's NATURAL biome, restoring our natural glow, with healthy animal fats and whole plant extracts.

Use products from factory farms

Kossma does not engage in harmful mono crop agriculture. We are dedicated to regenerative practices that restore nature, as it was intended. Regenerative skincare is Sustainable skincare, using farming techniques that actually create carbon negatives, rather than fictitious net zero claims, popular today.

We Do

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Proudly Use Tallow

Our products incorporate naturally occurring ingredients such as tallow, botanicals, and herbal extracts. We do not use lab grown or synthetic raw materials and we only work with organic animal products, ensuring the highest quality

Work With Nature

Kossma works with nature, using traditional distilling methods, rendering processes, and techniques known to ensure the integrity of the raw materials. Our apothecary and lab partners are dedicated to upholding these traditional extraction methods, while maintaining modern standards.

Believe that our skin can heal itself

Kossma empowers our customers to discover their skin's natural state and return their biome to it's most healthy condition. Modern day skincare consumption tells us that we need to stay in a constant state of stripping the skin and replenishing wiht unnatural materials. At Kossma, we believe in reducing use and returning to a simpler healthier skincare method

"I've been fighting perioral dermatitis for years. the sovereign salve was shared with me by my holistic esthetician and within three days of using, my flare up was almost entirely gone" -Lindsay T

Sovereign Salve| Frankincense & Tallow


Our all-in-one formulation is deeply nourishing for the skin. Made with organic grass-fed American tallow, this ultra-rich super salve can help improve the look and feel of your skin after just one use.

This salve is as much about what’s in it as what is behind it. Our ingredients have a rich history in both skin care and mythology. Frankincense resin, known for its skin-regenerating properties, has been used for centuries in religious and cosmetic rituals. Boswellia extract, a close relative of frankincense, has anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. myrrh resin, with biblical significance as a valuable gift given by the three wise men, has been used for thousands of years for its skin-soothing properties. Colorado honey, known for its antibacterial properties, is combined with fresh beeswax cappings (filled with fibroblasts and amino acids) from Boulder, CO, to create a natural protective barrier for the skin. The final touch is a blend of pastured emu oil and jojoba oil, to leave your skin deeply moisturized and nourished, no matter the climate or elements you face.


tallow2, frankincense resin2, myrrh resin2, calendula flowers2, fresh beeswax cappings3, jojoba oil1, raw filtered honey3 

EcoCert1   Organic2   Wildcrafted3

We only use herbs that are Natural and Organic Cosmetic Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT Standard, ensuring the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients in our products.


Best used on chapped or rough skin, dry or thin skin, slugging, diaper rash, eczema, rosacea, perioral Dermatitis.

Pregnancy & kid-safe



STEP 2 or 3 in the Kossma skincare routine.

Step 2: Spread onto fingertips and smooth over cleansed face and neck.


Step 3: Apply as in above, and after the hydrosol of your choice.

Kossma Combo+

Mabon Dew Hydration Elixir and Tallow Beauty Balm The stearic acids from tallow in both products provide a double dose of moisture and extra nourishment. The combination also provides several infusions of peptide- and ceramide-boosting ingredients that help keep the skin hydrated to maintain the efficiency of the stratum corneum (outter most skin layer), keeping the body healthy and the skin beautiful.

Nature is simple.

So is Kossma. That's why we are proud to be an animal forward wellness company. Kossma products are grounded and work with nature to promote essential wellness for the mind and body.

Regenerative Skincare.

We use Regenerative farming and extraction methods, working with local farms and direct sources, whenever possible. Our products are from humanely raised animals, hormone free, grass fed and finished, ensuring maximum bioavailability.

A foundation of health

Rendered animal fat, also known as tallow, has a long and rich history of nourishing the body. And at Kossma, it's our most powerful ingredient.

If you aren't familiar with the benefits of tallow, applying animal fat to your skin, may seem strange. For decades, consumers have been widely misled to avoid fats, but the truth is, we need these biological and healthy fats to function optimally.

Grass-fed tallow provides the densest concentration of nutrients available, and our products containing tallow, mimic the skin's natural biome, providing your skin with life, rather than continuing the cycle of stripping and replenishing with toxic oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Helped calm and heal my rosacea

Been using this along with the Sacred Skin Acne Serum to heal and sooth a rosacea outbreak. It feels immediately soothing and nourishing as soon as I put it on. Makes me look forward to washing my face and doing this super simple skincare routine at night. Just these two products have made such a difference and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they’re 100% clean and quality ingredients.

zubeida mogul

I use sooo many of Kossma's products and while they are all amazing and serve different purposes for me this I think is the chef's kiss. It's truly heals all things from sun burns to eczema. I use it twice a day on my face and it glows and I have stopped all my prescription acne and retinol creams for 3 months now and have had no need for them thanks to Kossma. I'm truly blown away by how beautiful my skin looks. I don't there is a single bad product and I'm close to trying them all!

Lindsay Taylor
my secret weapon

i've been fighting perioral dermatitis for years. the sovereign salve was shared with me by my holistic esthetician and within three days of using, my flare up was almost entirely gone. it has truly proven itself to be the only thing i need in my skincare routine.

i wash with honey 3x per week, and apply soverign salve as needed in the summer. most nights in the winter i am lathering. it also is amazing as a make up/highlight replacement. makes me glow and sparkle without applying make up.

Favorite product!

I had some really bad cracking and callouses on the bottom of my feet that have been bugging me forever. I tried some lotions but nothing worked and I wanted to stay away from toxic ingredients. I found this product and after a couple of weeks of using each night, so much of it has healed, my callouses have softened and my feet are feeling soft again. I LOVE this!

Healed up my rash / eczema

Okay so I’ve had this little rash for months upon months on my left hand pinky finger and below on hand. Some days it would be so bad and itch SOOOO badly I’d crack the skin from scratching it so much. Prior to this I wasn’t wearing a glove while washing dishes and our water is just not so clean out here and each time I’d wash dishes in warmer water my hand would break out so badly. I tried one product alone before this and it helped but adding this to the other product (active skin repair) made it almost gone. I’m talking I had people asking me what happened to my hand prior to all of this and now it’s barely noticeable and hardly itches either!! Thank you so so much! This is so creamy and really lathers on well. It’s helped my skin so much. And bug bites too!