Not all of you reading this needs to treat tooth decay, but every one of us wants to prevent it. 

Honestly, no one wants to face a root canal due to severely decayed teeth. Or ongoing costly procedures…Science has proven that root canals can lead to various health issues later on. So, let's do ourselves a favor by preventing and healing tooth decay and cavities, steering clear of these problematic procedures and subsequent health issues. 

What is fascinating is that there is a lot of science that proves this one magical vitamin not only reverses tooth decay, heals cavities, but also prevents them from ever forming. 

>> Vitamin K2 >> Imagine a shepherd, always attentive, guiding his flock to green pastures while keeping them safe from threats. In a similar manner, Vitamin K2 shepherds calcium to our teeth, creating a strong defense against decay by ensuring they're well mineralized and healthy. 

The potency of vitamin K2 in mineralizing teeth is remarkable, many holistic dentists are now recommending it as a foundational tool for tooth regeneration.

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin crucial for directing calcium (tooth (re)mineralizer) to its rightful places within the body. It ensures calcium is used effectively to build robust, healthy teeth and bones and prevents it from accumulating in arteries and blood vessels. 

Without adequate vitamin K2, calcium tends to settle in tissues and arteries, compromising metabolic strength and weakening teeth & bones. However, when there's an ample supply of Vitamin K2, calcium is channeled to areas where it's essential and kept away from places it shouldn't be.

It’s important to note that once enamel is gone, it's gone forever. 

Strong teeth depend on mineralization, and that starts with vitamin K2. If you have tooth problems and want a natural solution, vitamin K2 can help both in remineralizing teeth and healing decay.

The solution, eat foods rich in vitamin K2. Liver and Natto are the most abundant K2 rich foods following full fat dairy, egg yolks and dark white meat. 

Supplementing vitamin K2 is another fantastic option, which leads to consistent K2 in the body (since most ppl don’t eat natto & don’t eat liver consistently - dairy and egg yolks don't supply enough k2). 

Kossma's vitamin K formulation comprises both vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7, uniquely containing all-trans isomers. The "all-trans'' specification indicates that our vitamin K2 is bioactive. In contrast, many vitamin K2 products available on the market contain the cis form of K2, which is an inactive variant. Our vitamin K2 utilizes MenaQ7®, the ONLY clinically supported, bioactive, patented vitamin K2-MK7 on the market today.

October 28, 2023 — stephanie pena