"There are practically no foods or supplemental products which directly inactivate endotoxin, which is why these conditions seem to persist so easily, but there is one that works exceptionally well and that is horseradish." Nathan Hatch

Move over carrot salad, there's a new endotoxin destroyer in town....

Just kidding! Keep eating your carrot salad. It does amazing things to your body. 

Horseradish works in a similar way that carrot salad, however, instead of binding to endotoxin, horseradish actually kills it. 

It's powerful and I don't consume it daily for that reason, but when I do eat horseradish I feel warm, energized and my bowels will completely empty the next day (I eat it about 3-4 times per month).

Another cool thing...my skin looks amazing the next day after eating horseradish. The texture is near perfect, fine lines smooth out (the fine lines come and go based on my diet) and my complexion glows beautifully. 

I'm sure it's got some power on acne too! 

One great thing about horseradish is you don't need much for it to work. I like to make it into a dip and eat about 1-2 TBs at a time. 

The video recipe is saved in my highlights on Instagram. It's a 2-part recipe that I'm sure you'll not only enjoy preparing, but eating as well! 

PS: If your new here and wondering what endotoxin is...it's a toxin that attaches to the bad bacteria in the gut and causes all sorts of havoc. It's like a double whammy; you got the bacterial overgrowth + the endotoxin causing a shi* storm with your health and hormones. 


Prepared Horseradish


Prepared horseradish: 

Peel and rough chop a small to medium sized fresh horseradish root. 

Place in a food processor and blend until uniform sized small pieces. 

Place in a small jar, add a pinch of salt and fill with apple cider vinegar. 

This can be stored in your fridge for 3 months. 


Horseradish ranch 

Mix together 1/2 TB mayo (I use mct oil mayo by chosen foods) and 1/2 TB  plain greek yogurt. 

Add in 1 TB prepared horseradish. 

½ - 1 TB fresh chopped dill 

Garlic powder

Salt as needed 

Mix and place in fridge for 2 hours before eating. Lasts about 1 week in the fridge. 


January 19, 2021 — stephanie pena