Whether you want to admit it or not, if you have skin problems, that's probably all you can think about. 

This is totally normal...we all do it! 

Skin issues represent an inflammatory process happening in the body. 

Whatever the cause is, one of the first steps for everyone should be the same. 

“Let food be thy medicine”  Hippocrates

Here are some of my favorite foods to fight inflammation and restore health and balance to the skin. 

  • Carrot salad - natural antibiotic; removes endotoxin and estrogen from the body. 
  • Less chicken and more beef, white fish and oysters. Too much chicken can be inflammatory due to PUFA and tryptophan so balance it out with broth, beef and seafood regularly (plus you get a variety of nutrients this way)
  • Liver - sometimes all you need is to improve nutritional deficiencies and there's no better food than liver to deliver an abundance of vitamins and minerals. 
  • Bone broth is a rich source of gelatin, glycine and other protective amino acids. These protect the body from oxidative stress, inflammation and support the liver.
  • Fruit and honey is made up of sucrose (glucose and fructose)  and  provides essential nutrients that keep the liver fueled, blood sugar balanced and energy to our bodies. 

Ps: I have a handy PDF (link in bio) for my top 10 foods to help eliminate endotoxin and excess estrogen in the body. It’s free so be sure to check that out!

Ray Peat Quotes:

Both proline and glycine (which are major amino acids in gelatin) are very protective for the liver, increasing albumin, and stopping oxidative damage. 

“Things that protect the bowel, such as raw carrots, have far-reaching effects on hormones and immunity.”

Next post will be all about my top five topical skincare ingredients for healthy, glowing skin!

December 23, 2020 — VISIONS FROM NEPTUNE
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