At some point in our adult lives we think about getting botox. 

It’s an effective and easy fix to getting rid of dynamic wrinkles. 


Like many good things, botox also comes with some dangerous side effects. 

First of all, botox is a neurotoxin made from Botulinum Toxin Type A. It works by blocking signals from nerves to muscles, causing muscles to relax and thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

The problem is botox can sometimes travel from its injection site and move between nerve cells, causing dangerous side effects that can last for months. 

Plus, I think it's time we move away from that frozen, tight and pulled back look that botox is famous for. Wrinkles aren’t bad, they’re not ugly and I don’t believe they make us look old (which also isn’t a bad thing). 

There is so much we can do to improve our skin while keeping it as natural as possible...and safe! 

Here are my favorite botox alternatives! 

  1. Co2 Laser - longer recovery, better results than botox IMO. 
  2. PDO Sugar Threads - a non-surgical alternative to face lift. 
  3. Microneedling - promotes new collagen growth for youthful skin. 
  4. Prescription Retinoids - one of the most effective wrinkle treatments available. 
  5. Acids - like glycolic, lactic, mandelic, etc. these work great at keeping the skin in tip top shape! 
  6. Sunscreen - I love the sun but it does evil things to the skin! Seriously, wear it on your face! 
  7. Nutrition - nutrient dense foods can work a miracle on the skin. 
  8. Balance hormones and blood sugar - another important step for beautiful, healthy skin. 
  9. Excess estrogen and endotoxin - these two things are not your skin's friends. Check out the link in bio for my free guide on how to reduce estrogen/endotoxin with food. 

Bonus: Physical Exfoliant - I use this once a week and love how smooth and fresh my skin looks (including texture). I use Kiehl's epidermal skin-texturizing microderma scrub.


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November 18, 2020 — VISIONS FROM NEPTUNE
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