The Kossma Promise
The Kossma Promise +

How We Stay Transparent

We Never

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Use harmful essential oils

Kossma does not use any harmful irritants or ingredients containing seed oils, synthetic, or filler oils in any of our products. We believe in saturated skincare that mimics the skin's natural biome, sustaining the body's natural state.

Compromise our values

Kossma is revolutionizing skincare. We are boldly stepping out of Unsaturated synthetic skincare that is sweeping the beauty industry, but Saturated skincare that mimics our skin's NATURAL biome, restoring our natural glow, with healthy animal fats and whole plant extracts.

Use products from factory farms

Kossma does not engage in harmful mono crop agriculture. We are dedicated to regenerative practices that restore nature, as it was intended. Regenerative skincare is Sustainable skincare, using farming techniques that actually create carbon negatives, rather than fictitious net zero claims, popular today.

We Do

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Proudly Use Tallow

Our products incorporate naturally occurring ingredients such as tallow, botanicals, and herbal extracts. We do not use lab grown or synthetic raw materials and we only work with organic animal products, ensuring the highest quality

Work With Nature

Kossma works with nature, using traditional distilling methods, rendering processes, and techniques known to ensure the integrity of the raw materials. Our apothecary and lab partners are dedicated to upholding these traditional extraction methods, while maintaining modern standards.

Believe that our skin can heal itself

Kossma empowers our customers to discover their skin's natural state and return their biome to it's most healthy condition. Modern day skincare consumption tells us that we need to stay in a constant state of stripping the skin and replenishing wiht unnatural materials. At Kossma, we believe in reducing use and returning to a simpler healthier skincare method

Vitamin E Oil | Mixed Tocopherols

Dhs. 150.00

Kossma's Vitamin E Oil serves as a pro-thyroid, hormone balancing and antioxidant solution.

It provides support for enhanced thyroid function, restoration of hormonal balance, protection against hormonal imbalances, and counteraction of excess estrogen production. Additionally, it shields cells from oxidative damage, improves fertility for both men and women, and guards against the thyroid-suppressive impact of dietary seed oils (PUFAs).


Natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), organic extra virgin olive oil.


1. Antioxidant powerhouse.
2. Shields against inflammatory seed oils.
3. Provides estrogen protection.
4. Supports thyroid health.
5. Enhances skin hydration and elasticity.
6. Reduces UV-induced skin damage.
7. Aids in wound healing.
8. Promotes heart health.
9. Boosts immune function.
10. Protects cells from oxidative stress.


As a dietary supplement, take one dropperful by mouth or apply it directly to the thinner areas of your skin like the insides of the wrists, inner arms, and inner thighs.

When applied to the gums, it's highly effective in combating gum ailments like gingivitis, while also allowing the body to absorb and reap the benefits of vitamin E. It's a two-in-one benefit! Simply take one dropperful and rub into gums.

Soy Based Vitamin E

Kossmas Vitamin E is sourced from non-GMO soy, containing only the isolated Vitamin E distilled from the plant. It has no soy DNA, PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids), soybean oil, or any estrogenic phytoestrogens like isoflavones or soy proteins. It is simply vitamin E and nothing else. We chose soy-derived Vitamin E for its superior tocopherol ratios, recognized for their effectiveness and recommended by the late Dr. Ray Peat.

Tallow Skincare by Kossma

Vitamin E & Hormones

  1. Estrogen Antagonism: Vitamin E as an estrogen antagonist. Tocopherols, a component of Vitamin E, have been shown to act as estrogen receptor antagonists, explaining some of their anti-estrogenic properties​​.
  2. Aromatase Inhibition: Additionally, Vitamin E, particularly tocopherols, are noted to be aromatase inhibitors. This means they can reduce the synthesis of new estrogen in the body. Reducing excess estrogen levels is a key aspect of health and wellness for both men and women.
  3. Seed Oil Antidote: Vitamin E supplementation is suggested as a protective measure against the negative effects of seed oils when they are consumed in moderation​​ and excess.

The Kossma Promise.

Every supplement from Kossma is produced in a facility that is ISO certified and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). To guarantee the purity and quality, all of our products undergo third-party testing. We utilize USP grade ingredients and take an additional step in quality assurance with a Finger Print ID test. In this process, the DNA of our supplements is verified to confirm their authenticity and ensure they match the claimed identity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This vitamin e oil is amazing! I originally got it as a supplement but I saw that people were using it on their gums. I’ve been dealing with horrible bleeding/receding/swollen gums for about two years now after having our baby. I’ve tried so many things and nothing was working. It got so bad that one part was swollen almost pea size. Well I started putting this on my gum and in about a week the inflammation is gone and no more bleeding! Also!! Another story - I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek while chewing … it was a really bad bite that would normally turn into a sore.. well I immediately put this oil on,
a few hrs later I couldn’t even feel it and by the next day it was completely healed! I love this oil and will continue purchasing it!

Reviewer avatar
Kelsey Sontag

Finally, a Vit E that doesn’t upset my stomach. Other ones based in MCT oil have, but this olive oil base has done very well with me. Highly recommend!

Sara Williamson
Great for scars

I have been using this vitamin E on my scar and it has been making it look smoother. I feel like it has been helping it heal faster. A little goes a long way, which is nice. I am a fan!

Kaleb Beal
Amazing Product!

We love this vitamin E! Works great and tastes good.

Abigail T
Love love love!

I started using this vitamin E serum about 6 weeks ago and WOW does my skin feel softer, more even, clear and bright. I use a couple of drops on my face and also a few on my wrists for the vitamin supplementation.