Humans typically spend around one-third of their lives sleeping, predominantly in our beds. Unfortunately, many mattresses release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including carcinogens like benzene and formaldehyde, along with flame retardants. These substances can off-gas directly onto our bodies and into our lungs.

Similarly, the bedding industry frequently uses synthetic materials like acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon. These fabrics are not only derived from petroleum and plastics but are also treated with numerous toxic chemicals during production.

Considering we're in direct contact with our bedding for 8-10 hours every day, the exposure to these toxins is significant. Upgrading to non-toxic, non-synthetic bedding materials and mattresses is a crucial change for health and wellness.

My husband and I recently made this transition, and the difference is remarkable. We started by replacing our sheets, blankets, and pillows, and finally the mattress, as these changes can be costly. It's worth noting that the high-quality materials used in non-toxic bedding make these items durable and long-lasting.

Our new bedding setup includes an Organic Bliss Latex Mattress by Plush Beds, which is incredibly comfortable and made from sustainably harvested latex, organic cotton, and wool, all certified by GOTS and GOLS. We also chose organic latex pillows from the same company, known for their versatility and comfort, along with heavy-duty, soft organic sateen sheets, pillowcases, and quilts from Under the Canopy.

Investing in non-toxic, natural bedding is a significant step toward reducing toxin exposure, and despite the initial expense, the benefits to health and sleep quality are invaluable.

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