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Love my skin post mask!

Smells great, is easy to apply, and my skin feels so nice after I apply this mask. Excited to have something a little less intensive when it comes to masks... and doesn't affect my sensitive skin, a definite plus!

This is my second time buying this product. The first one lasted me over 6 months using most days. It feels luxurious, smells amazing and moisturizes my skin so well.

I LOVE this product! This is my first time trying it. The smell is luxurious and layering it under my moisturizer feels amazing and hydrating


I have used the butter cleansing oil for almost a month and LOVE it! It always leaves my skin feeling so nourished with no breakouts.

I haven’t used this much yet, but I think it smells good! Kind of like an earthy chocolate smell. So far I’ve only mixed it with water, I will try it with honey.

I absolutely LOVE this oil! I use it every day, it’s so light and non-greasy. I use it as part of my night skin care regimen but I’ll also spray some hydrosol and apply this in the mornings if I wake up with my face feeling a little dry.

This has changed the game for my skin care routine! Absolutely incredible!

Definitely one of my now favorite skin care products and love the subtle smell!!

Fantastic product! Feels amazing will definitely be ordering again and again!

Marshmallow Hydrosol
Gabriela Molina
Love everything about this!

I use this about 4-5 times a day as in between layers of products (serum, oil, moisturizer). I absolutely love the smell and it feels so refreshing!

So far so good

I’ve been using the vitamin E oil on my gums every morning for two months now and I definitely notice my gums are healthier. They hardly bleed or feel inflamed. I do not like olive oil, but the consistency of this vit e oil is so luxurious and the taste is very mild, I do not mind it at all. I’m excited to keep using this product and see where it gets me by my next dentist appointment!

Chamomile Cleansing Gel
Lauren Blandino
Best cleanser around

Absolutely best cleanser around. I little goes a long way. My skin looks and feels nourished.!


This type of skincare had transformed my skin. It feels so soft and happy now. I love Kossma so much!


This beauty oil makes my face so soft and is just amazing overall.

Cannot tolerate the smell unfortunately so haven’t used it:( I re-ordered the rose one and it’s much better

Smells amazing and works incredibly well

I was never a hydrosol user but this really got me loving putting on the tallow face oil after. The two blend really well together and when I feel like my face needs a refresher, I automatically think about using this hydrosol. Recommended!

AMAZING. Best mask I’ve ever used

Takes off makeup easily and gives skin a nice glow. Wow!

Ghee Balm

I am obsessed. OBSESSED! everything she creates is wonderful

My go-to ❤️ i need it to help calm my eczema and psoriasis. I swear by the frankincense resin that is in the product. It’s amazing.

Silky Flawlessness

The silkiest C serum ever! As a esthetician I love that it is tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate! Some C serums can irritate acne, but I have never had that problem with this one.

Amazing - Little goes a long way!

This bottle will last me a year even with consistent use. I love being able to choose how many beads I use, and you don't need a lot! Always leaves me glowing and refreshed.

Immediately Bought then Immediately Repurchase

I am 16 years into the chronic acne game. Fully trusting Stephanie, I ordered this serum. I LOVE the smell and texture. Honestly, I have used other products that have worked faster. BUT they always stop working or eventually dry out the skin or upset the skin barrier. This is the only product I have tried that consistently improved my skin in all aspects for a long period of time.

Refreshing Glow

As a dry environment girly, this gives amazing moisture instantly. I love it so much more than any other waters or essences I have used. So many more benefits and cheaper than the essences I have been using. It is refreshing and I love the smell!

Acne Kit
Courtney Cosentino

Cleared up my teenage sons acne within one week and he has no new breakouts. I'm totally impressed