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Improves dry red skin!

I love love love the New Moon serum. My skin has been red, dry, and flaky while living in California. My redness was gone after the first use. It also cleared up minor blemishes and made my face so smooth. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't clog my pores or break me out. I immediately ordered another bottle. Thank you for great products Kossma!

Life changing

I’ve been suffering from severe hormonal acne flair ups around my chin and jawline, and I’d been trying a few different products ranging from super expensive high end, to homemade. Trying Kossma was my last ditch effort before going to a dermatologist for help. I’m so happy and so impressed with the results and change in my skin! My acne has cleared up over the course of 6 weeks and my monthly flairs have improved by 50-80% (so many other factors aside from my skin care routine affect that range of improvement of course). I use Sacred Skin in conjunction with the Marshallow hydrosol, and it was seriously life changing. I have very sensitive skin that’s combination, and I’ve had zero issues with either product. I’ve definitely noticed a huge improvement in my overall skin health as well. I’ve got a nice glow and some fine wrinkles around my eyes have smoothed out. Highly recommend this to anyone suffering from acne.

Excellent product.

Only issue is the inability to read any directions as the print is too tiny.

Excellent cleaner

I was so very surprised that an oil based cleanser works so remarkably well.

Mature Skin Kit
Leaves skin so soft

I like the feeling my skin has throughout the day. I also appreciate there is not a fragrance. My only issue is my confusion of how to use. There were no instructions in the packaging. The information on the back of each bottles is too small for my 70 year old eyes even with bifocals to read. I still think I need a moisturizer. I think the website needs more information.

Tallow Body Oil
Teresa Valentina
A treat! Feels very nourishing & smells great.

Kept my dry skin feeling soft, without being too heavy and smelling slightly like cocoa butter.

skin drink

My skin just drinks this up. I live in the desert and cannot live without it. Use it morning and night and sometimes more!

Farewell good friend

Nilotica was one of my first purchases from Kossma. I'm so sad it's gone. It saved my very badly damaged skin barrier a couple of winters ago. My face felt almost raw that year and I had to try to avoid even getting it wet while in the shower. Using Nilotica helped me more than words can say. My face still has a rough texture to it, so it still has a ways to go but it's come such a long way. I stocked up when it was announced it's not coming back. I'm hoping these next 2 jars will help my skin get to the point where it's no longer rough to the touch. They do last a really long time even with daily use!

Can’t go without

I love this stuff and definitely notice a difference in my acne when using. My pimples heal quicker and my skin looks amazing the morning after using. This is a staple in my routine.

Progesterone oil

This product works great! Love how it is natural to what our bodies produce no additives etc

Thee Best

This is hands down the best you will ever get your hands on. It is genuinely like butter on your skin. It is the softest most luxuriously smooth nilotica to ever exist. I would bet angels use this. It’s THAT good.

Deeply moisturizing

Great quality, this has felt really nice on my face before bed. My only disappointment is that it is a small amount for the price just based on what I was expecting. Overall, I definitely recommend as a quality moisturizer!

Im hoping this is helping my kids with their cavities they’ve been taking since November. Will see in May!

Nice but not for me

This is obviously a high quality DHEA butter with a very nice texture. Unfortunately it’s not absorbing well into my skin and is leaving a greasy layer. My skin is dry (and it’s the end of winter where I am) and this doesn’t seem to give the moisture that it needs.

broke before I got to evaluate

Sadly, I did not get to experience this product for long bc it dropped from my hand to the counter and shattered! I was looking forward to trying it.

Squalane Facial Oil
Jennifer Skeen
I love this stuff!

It is so light and moisturizing! It doesn't make me look greasy or oily at all!

Lovely moisturizer

I am loving this cream. It’s not greasy. It absorbs well and really locks in moisture. I use on my face, hands, elbows and knees.


Kossma products are one of a kind, they actually work and transform the skin to perfection. This oil in particular is everything. Gives me an amazing glow and even tone. I've been using for a few years and will use forever more!

My skin loves it

My skin loves how soft it is after using this. It’s a great product. My only problem is that it smells like the milk replacer we used on the farm for our bottle calves, which makes sense, but was for some reason not what I was expecting and has been something for me to get used to.

Wonderful system

This skincare system has been amazing for my dry but acne prone skin. I’ve struggled to find a system that works, but am so happy to have found Kossma. My skin is loving this.

My skin loves this

This is such a nice gentle cleanser. I’ve struggled to find a clean and effective skin care regimen and my skin is just really loving this. It’s the clearest it’s been since having my last baby almost four years ago. Very happy with these products.

Great for my combination skin

I was definitely skeptical about this stuff, but my skin has been loving it. It feels and smells so nice and it’s effective at keeping my breakouts under control.

Love it!

This provides a nice gentle exfoliation and makes my skin feel so smooth.

Best non toxic vitamin c face serum

I've been looking so long for a vitamin C face serum that's truly squeaky clean. I love it more than words and can tell you it has helped heal my skin so very much! Very grateful!

Love this product! So user friendly and really goes into your skin well!