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Kossma Beauty Skincare Routine Step-by-Step

Normal | Dry | Sensitive Skin Types

Step 1: Calendula Pre Cleanse - PUFA-free oil-based cleanser formulated to dissolve and remove makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum, dirt and environmental debris. Apply directly to skin and massage in. Remove with damp wash cloth or cotton pads. AM/PM. 

Step 2: Chamomile Cleansing Gel - A gentle gel cleanser designed to softly cleanse your skin with silky coconut bubbles and chamomile extracts while supporting your skin's natural barrier. Apply to wet hands and massage into damp skin. Rinse with water. AM/PM. 

Step 3: Glycolic Acid (or other acids) - We are currently sold-out of our best selling glycolic acid until late 2020. You can incorporate any acid from other brands into KBM. Apply to clean skin and let dry before moving to step 4. 

Step 4: Marshmallow Malva Toner - A beautifying mix of frankincense hydrosol, malva flower and marshmallow root designed to hydrate, balance PH and infuse your skin with water-soluble antioxidants. Spritz all over face, neck and decollete. Softly pat in with finger tips. AM/PM

Step 5: Purely Potent Vitamin C Serum -  Only 4 pure ingredients! Featuring THD ascorbate, a non-irritating, fat-soluble and highly stable vitamin C. Because its an oil-based form of vitamin C, it's able to penetrate into the deeper layers to fight free radical and UV radiation, hyperpigmentation, acne...and also build fresh new collagen for youthful healthy skin. Apply a few drops to skin, massage in. 

Step 6: Sugar Skin Squalane  -A weightless multipurpose hydrating oil, squalane is an antioxidant naturally present in our own skin that works to lock in essential moisture for healthy hydrated skin. The best way to use squalane is over damp skin (to give even more hydration and prevent TEWL (transdermal water loss). You can spritz your face with toner or use water. Apply half to one full pump over damp skin and gently massage in. 

Step 7: Tallow Beauty Balm - Ultra-rich, all-purpose beauty balm helps heal dry depleted skin for soft, dewy hydration. This beautifying balm-to-oil miracle helps restore a healthy barrier function while promoting the most healthy, glowing complexion. Apply tallow as the very last step in your skincare routine. Glide the balm over your face, neck and décolleté and gently massage in with your fingers or crystal beauty tool. 


Acne Skin Types 

If you do okay with oils, you can do the whole method above (steps 1-7). 

If you react negative to oils then skip step 1 and 6 and use steps 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Squalane should not be an issue for acne skin types because it's not actually an oil (although it looks, feels and acts like an oil). Use a very small amount over damp skin (about 1/4 pump) and massage in before moving on to the rest of the steps. 

The oils we use are acne friendly, but for some people they are not a good fit for super oily and acne skin types. We have samples of squalane oil you can try before committing to make sure its a good fit for you. 

Super Sensitive | Compromised | Inflammatory Skin Types 

You can use the whole method above, but leave out step 3. We especially recommend the tallow balm as it's designed to be barrier protective and soothing. All of our products are free from fragrance, essential oils, harsh and stripping chemicals. Our vitamin C is gentle and safe for the most sensitive skin types and does not irritate or exfoliate like traditional ascorbic acid. If want want a very minimal routine then go with steps 2, 4, 6 and 7. 


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