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Kossma Beauty Skincare Routine Step-by-Step

Kossma Beauty Method 

Step 1: Cleanse 

Chamomile Cleansing Gel -add a dime size amount of cleanser to wet skin and gentle wash face. Rinse off. 

Calendula Cleansing Oil -add a quarter size amount of cleansing oil to dry skin and massage around to emulsify makeup and debris. Use a wet wash cloth to remove or follow up with Chamomile Cleansing Gel for a double cleanse. 

Optional - If your skin is not dirty or you do not have makeup on, try NOT cleansing your skin! Yes, you can skip cleansing and your skin loves it...simply follow up with the steps below and your good to go. 

Step 2: Serums | Purely Potent, Moon Serum, Calendula Extract 

Apply serums to clean skin. You do not need damp skin to use serums since they are not moisturizers. 

Step 3: Hydrosols | The Damp Skin Method

Hydrosols are one of our favorite skin care steps in the Kossma Beauty Method! Hydrosols contain the water soluble constituents from their plants (vitamins, herbal compounds, etc) and they hydrate our skin without any synthetic humectants. Our skin needs both hydration (water) and moisturization (oil) and hydrosols cover the water/hydration part of your skin care routine. With your eyes closed, mist face with hydrosol until it's very damp. Quickly, while your skin is still damp, apply the rest of your skin care products; the oils and butters in the following steps lock in the hydrosol and literally trap the hydrosol water into your skin cells. Hydrated skin feels and looks soooo good! 

Step 3: Moisturizers | Reishi Rose (former name secret garden), New Moon, Squalane

While your skin is damp from one of our hydrosols apply a small amount of moisturizer and massage into skin for 30 seconds or until it's absorbed and the hydrosol has soaked in. You can also use one of our body creams (posey, smudge, honey) to moisturize your face too. 

Step 4: Balms | Tallow Balm, Ghee Balm, Sovereign Salve, Calendula Salve

This is optional but we love to do a small mist of hydrosol again before applying our balms (not too mush, just one squirt) which is the last step in the Kossma Beauty Method. Balms seal and lock all the products you just applied to your skin in place, while nourishing with their wonderful extracts and moisturizing butters and oils. Apply a small amount, massage and your all set! 

Step 5: Pearl Micro-exfoliant & Milky Mask 

Pearl can be used along with our Chamomile Herb Cleansing Gel. Take a dollop of cleansing gel and add a dime size amount of Pearl. VERY VERY gently massage face - do not scrub or use hard pressure. Light pressure with soft strokes is all that's needed. Your skin will be rejuvenated and so fresh! Hard scrubbing can break down the microbiome which you never want to disrupt because it's protective and keeps your skin healthy and beautiful. 

Milky Mask will not feel like your typical clay mask - that tight and pulled back feeling we're used to with masking. Milky Mask is designed to heal and feed your skin with nutrients. It goes on thin so feel free to apply as many layers as you'd like. Mix 2 tablespoons with hydrosol, milk, tea or water. Add anything you'd like to give it a boost like yogurt (lactic acid in yogurt will give you a light exfoliation), honey for creative and have fun! Self-care, always! 

This is just a guide. Feel free to tailor it to your specific skin needs. But be sure to not skip the hydrosol! It's seriously our favorite part and sooooo nourishing for your skin! 



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