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Kossma's 5 Star Reviews

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Based on 2886 reviews

I really like this serum. My skin feels softer and healthier.

Healing for my acne prone/irritated skin!

I know acne is due to more than just skin products-but no doubt they play a role! I’ve struggled with acne for years. I found that this tallow balm was a great healing product that left my skin supple and didn’t break me out (which is a rare thing). I’ve decided to step back and just do oil cleanse, tallow balm, and SPF and my skin is looking better after a few weeks. I’m also noticing a lightening in hyperpigmentation! Excited to try more products of Kossma beauty!


I could take a bath in this. Its an amazing product. Will definitely buy again.

Not as good as the posey oil

This oil is nice, it smells like cocoa, it spreads well and feels nourishing. But I bought it to replace the posey tallow massage oil, which has been discontinued and I miss it. It’s a great daily body oil but isn’t good for massage.

Forever staple

I have multiple tallow balms around at all times. It’s amazing for hands, lips, elbows and any dry spots. I use it like an everything balm on my kids. Only occasionally need it for my face, very light layer. I love the smell. It is so warm but not overpowering.

Great for spot treatment!

I love using this as a spot treatment, especially after I accidentally pop something I shouldn't have (oops). I find that a little bit goes a long way, so I know it'll last for a long time. A great addition to my growing line of Kossma products!

Love this Vitamin C Serum

I have been using this for about a year and I love the way it makes my skin feel - it is light and smooth-makes my skin feel so good in the morning when I use it at night as part of my skincare routine.

Best collagen on the market !

Love this full spectrum collagen! I put it in my tea & protein shakes for a nice boost… so good!

Squalane Facial Oil
kennedy guettich

I’ve been using this every night for the past 2 months and I am obsessed. My skin has never felt so moisturized.

A must have

Love love this serum! I use it as a spot treatment or overall application if needed and it stops breakouts in its tracks. It isn't drying like most acne serums, love pairing this with the sugar squalene serum

Dissolves so easily!

Very impressed with this collagen! Doesn’t clump up at all and has no taste in my morning coffee. Love the fact that it’s clean, great ingredients, and has 5 types of collagen!! Just buy it!!

Nourishment For My Skin

When I spray this hydrosol on my face it feels like my skin is soaking up nourishment. I use the Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil after spraying on the hydrosol. It is the ultimate combination. I have finally found skincare products that I can feel good about putting on my skin. I've been using Kossma on my face for about three weeks now, and I am already seeing my skin improve. My skin is more hydrated, smoother and it feels good. I use the Dream Tallow Body Oil on the rest of my body after a shower and I am in love with Kossma products. It's like I finally understand what healthy skin is supposed to feel like. I feel really good, and I don't know how else to say it, my skin feels more comfortable. Thank you, Kossma! I will be a lifelong customer.


Absolutely amazing product!! Honestly was hesitant to put directly onto my face with this being a salve (I used to use only light oils on my face) and I have not been disappointed!! I cover my body nightly in this salve head to toe and wake up with the softest smoothest skin. I also will use in the morning if I am needing an extra bit of moisturizer....and living in South Florida I cant stand the feeling of being greasy in the humidity and this stuff absorbs so nicely into the skin and I'm not sliding all over my leather car seats in this Florida heat.

Also doing wonders on my husbands psoriasis!!

So Wonderfully Different

This cleanser leaves my skin feeling so much more radiant and hydrated (with the complementing products) than any other product I’ve tried! I’m so thrilled to find something that really gives my skin a lift and I don’t have to use a load of coverup!

So hydrating

I love this stuff! My skin drinks it up after washing my face. I think it’s helped with overall redness and acne

My favorite!

I love this stuff -- it feels so good on the skin and my friend told me my skin is glowing

This is my first purchase of this cream. Goes on smoothly and my skin feels so hydrated.

So convenient

I loved this little stick! I carried it everywhere, it is the nicest tallow I’ve used. Smells great, worked wonders in my eczema. Time to re- order!

Love how this locks everything in! Great last step before I do a lymphatic drainage massage

So moisturizing! Adds an extra layer of moisture and feels it is helping with imperfections

Love love love!

Love the way this brightens my face! So light but works great!

2nd time purchasing

Honestly, no other product makes my skin look as radiant as this. 100% worth it!


Soft and creamy. Just takes a little bit of warming up rubbing between my palms. Love this for my face and hands.

The best!!!

I absolutely love my Nilotica moisturizer! It makes my skin glow and it’s so nourishing :) It has helped my rosacea so much and i’m so thankful for all of these beautiful products! I also love the tallow balm! Thank you for making this amazing, pure skincare line.

I have my skin from my 20's back!

I am just shy of 50 and have always had oily skin. Over the last few years though I had noticed my skin becoming flaky and dull and I was seeing red patches pop up here and there. AND I was still having breakouts including permanent blackheads on my nose and chin. I was trying everything and nothing worked. I've never been someone who wears much if any makeup, but I was having to wear foundation just to even out my skin tone and try to hide blemishes.

Then I heard about Kossma on a podcast and decided to give it a try. I was a little concerned at first about the oil as I have always avoided oils on my face. However, within just a week of using the products (Cleansing gel, Marshmallow Malva Hydrosol, Sugar Skin Squalane Oil, the Tallow Balm and once a week the Pearl Micro Exfoliator in my cleanser) my skin from my 20's was back. And even better. The dry flaky skin was gone, the dull texture was gone and replaced with smooth soft skin and the red patches were gone. Even better the huge pores and blackheads on my nose and chin were completely gone! I have been able to ditch the makeup again and get compliments on my skin all the time now. I am definitely a customer for life now.

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