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A New Culture of Clean Beauty

"Seed oils sensitize the skin to ultraviolet exposure; in animal experiments, the presence of seed oils caused skin to wrinkle from UV exposure. Inflammation, cancer and other age-related changes are promoted by their breakdown products, and their conversion to prostaglandins." Dr. Ray Peat

Beauty products inspired by you.

You inspire us. You amaze us. You impress us with your energy, passion and awareness every day. So we developed our line of equally amazing skincare products with you in mind; to help you glow even more! 

Tallow Beauty Balm

The foundation for beautiful skin. 

A protective barrier balm for the outermost living layer of our skin. Formulated with organic & grass-fed tallow, saturated butters, apothecary crafted extracts and our sugarcane squalane, our tallow balm helps the skin self-regulate, heal and beautify for healthy, resilient and radiant glow. 

PUFA Aware Skincare

PUFAS or seed oils are found in variety of different plants. Due to their poor molecular structure, PUFA oils are very unstable, oxidizing rapidly when exposed to oxygen, light, and heat, creating damaging free radicals. 

What does this mean for our health? On one hand, it means that excess PUFAs in your diet are connected to inflammation and skin aging. On another hand, it means wearing topical seed oils can also contribute to skin aging and inflammation.

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