The Kossma Promise
The Kossma Promise +

How We Stay Transparent

We Never

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Use harmful essential oils

Kossma does not use any harmful irritants or ingredients containing seed oils, synthetic, or filler oils in any of our products. We believe in saturated skincare that mimics the skin's natural biome, sustaining the body's natural state.

Compromise our values

Kossma is revolutionizing skincare. We are boldly stepping out of Unsaturated synthetic skincare that is sweeping the beauty industry, but Saturated skincare that mimics our skin's NATURAL biome, restoring our natural glow, with healthy animal fats and whole plant extracts.

Use products from factory farms

Kossma does not engage in harmful mono crop agriculture. We are dedicated to regenerative practices that restore nature, as it was intended. Regenerative skincare is Sustainable skincare, using farming techniques that actually create carbon negatives, rather than fictitious net zero claims, popular today.

We Do

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Proudly Use Tallow

Our products incorporate naturally occurring ingredients such as tallow, botanicals, and herbal extracts. We do not use lab grown or synthetic raw materials and we only work with organic animal products, ensuring the highest quality

Work With Nature

Kossma works with nature, using traditional distilling methods, rendering processes, and techniques known to ensure the integrity of the raw materials. Our apothecary and lab partners are dedicated to upholding these traditional extraction methods, while maintaining modern standards.

Believe that our skin can heal itself

Kossma empowers our customers to discover their skin's natural state and return their biome to it's most healthy condition. Modern day skincare consumption tells us that we need to stay in a constant state of stripping the skin and replenishing wiht unnatural materials. At Kossma, we believe in reducing use and returning to a simpler healthier skincare method

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Tallow Beauty Oil & Ghee Balm Kit


Meet the ultimate duo: Tallow Beauty Oil and Ghee Balm, both brimming with nourishing animal fats like tallow, ghee, emu oil, colostrum, and goat's milk. These potent concoctions are crafted right in our Colorado apothecary, blending in the goodness of organic herbs for a gentle yet powerful moisturizing experience.

Our personal favorites? Tallow Beauty Oil for a refreshing morning glow and Ghee Balm to pamper your skin at night. Of course, feel free to mix things up—it's a win-win whichever way you go with this flawless combination!

Purchase this kit for 10% off all products.


Nature is simple.

So is Kossma. That's why we are proud to be an animal forward wellness company. Kossma products are grounded and work with nature to promote essential wellness for the mind and body.

Regenerative Skincare.

We use Regenerative farming and extraction methods, working with local farms and direct sources, whenever possible. Our products are from humanely raised animals, hormone free, grass fed and finished, ensuring maximum bioavailability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Valerie L.
Best moisturizer

I’ve tried all of Kossma’s skincare products and the Ghee balm is my favorite (note that I do tolerate tallow well). This is the product I find penetrates my skin the most and leaves no “oily” layer – just a beautiful glow, even in really hot weather!! I’m also pregnant right now and felt like my skin was finicky so I switched from the Tallow beauty oil to the Ghee balm and am happy I made the switch. I highly recommend this product. It also smells lovely, very light.

Kaylie Brown
Gamer Changer

About a year ago, I switched to Kossma’s oil cleanser and gel cleanser while using a different tallow as moisturizer. I loved the cleansers so much and noticed such huge improvement in my skin that I decided to purchase the entire regime for my skin type, including these two oils. I love them!! My skin has never felt or looked better, even through pregnancy and post partum. These products truly have been a game changer for my skin!!


I think I love both products equally. The squalane one sits on top of the skin longer before absorbing. Both are a great moisturizer when I don’t want to use the sovereign salve or tallow stick

Sydney H
Incredibly Nourishing

I love using these serums every morning and night. My skin stays hydrated throughout my work day and while I sleep!

Daily facial oils

I have sensitive skin and had a reaction to one of my beauty products. From that point on I have only used my Kossma tallow beauty oil and ghee oil and my skin has never looked better!