The Kossma Promise
The Kossma Promise +

How We Stay Transparent

We Never

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Use harmful essential oils

Kossma does not use any harmful irritants or ingredients containing seed oils, synthetic, or filler oils in any of our products. We believe in saturated skincare that mimics the skin's natural biome, sustaining the body's natural state.

Compromise our values

Kossma is revolutionizing skincare. We are boldly stepping out of Unsaturated synthetic skincare that is sweeping the beauty industry, but Saturated skincare that mimics our skin's NATURAL biome, restoring our natural glow, with healthy animal fats and whole plant extracts.

Use products from factory farms

Kossma does not engage in harmful mono crop agriculture. We are dedicated to regenerative practices that restore nature, as it was intended. Regenerative skincare is Sustainable skincare, using farming techniques that actually create carbon negatives, rather than fictitious net zero claims, popular today.

We Do

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Proudly Use Tallow

Our products incorporate naturally occurring ingredients such as tallow, botanicals, and herbal extracts. We do not use lab grown or synthetic raw materials and we only work with organic animal products, ensuring the highest quality

Work With Nature

Kossma works with nature, using traditional distilling methods, rendering processes, and techniques known to ensure the integrity of the raw materials. Our apothecary and lab partners are dedicated to upholding these traditional extraction methods, while maintaining modern standards.

Believe that our skin can heal itself

Kossma empowers our customers to discover their skin's natural state and return their biome to it's most healthy condition. Modern day skincare consumption tells us that we need to stay in a constant state of stripping the skin and replenishing wiht unnatural materials. At Kossma, we believe in reducing use and returning to a simpler healthier skincare method

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Customer Reviews

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Justine H.

Fast, Easy, Secure Purchase.

Gift Card

It's nice to be able to purchase a gift for my daughter from your site with a gift card. Although, I would have rather been able to choose the amount on it. You only offer certain amounts.

Jaden Phillips
Best Skincare Ever!

To start, I’d like to point out that I’ve never been able to find a skincare routine that works for me due to my very sensitive skin. All the acne creams, moisturizers, cleansers, etc just made my skin worse, more red, more breakouts, more dry. Because of this I gave up and tried sticking to just a very mild cleanser and hot water, but my skin has desperately needed something to give it some nourishment and bring some life back to it.

Then I stumbled across Kossma and it’s safe to say I’ll never look back! The Chamomile Cleanser and Marshmallow Hydrosol are a perfect duo, leaving my skin feeling so soft, smooth and extra hydrated! I suffer from PD leaving my skin very red around my nose and chin and the Sovereign Salve has worked miracles at reducing the redness and dryness in those areas. I will say, I tried the salve all over my face at first and it caused some mild breakouts, but spot treating with it has been perfect! My skin reacts better to just the cleanser and hydrosol but I can’t get enough of the tallow balm and salve for treating my PD areas, under eyes and lips to give them that extra moisture and creaminess they desperately need. I’ve also used the slave on a few random rashes and it was amazing how well they cleared up!

I can’t wait to try more products! Coming from someone that was ready to give up on skincare in general, I can truly say that these products work and are so gentle and calming to the skin. I can not wait for the new make up line as I’m sure it will be just as amazing as the skincare and supplements that Kossma has to offer. Thank you for saving my skin and bringing back that youthful glow I’ve missed so much!

The perfect gift

Loved that I was able to give a gift card to my sister for her birthday so that she can pick her own Kossma beauty products out!

Incredible PUFA-aware Skincare Line

I've tried and invested in several complete skincare lines (including Arbonne, OSEA Malibu and more) over the years and could not be more enamored or pleased with the instantaneous results I'm experiencing with Kossma Beauty. 🤎 It's incredibly soft, silky and smooth and my skin is DRINKING up these products and responding beautifully...already seeing results and I've only been doing the full line for ~2 weeks. Wish I knew about this line sooner!