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Pufa Aware™ Skincare

Inspired by ancestral wisdom, Kossma honors the deep connection between nourishment and beautiful skin. Our blends of animal fats, PUFA-aware oils, and potent plant and resin extracts create a holistic skincare experience. Step away from modern skincare and rediscover the power of time-honored practices for a healthy, beautiful complexion.


Nourish your way to beautiful skin™

At Kossma, we believe that beautiful skin is the result of both internal nourishment and exceptional skincare. We understand the importance of ancestral, nutrient-rich foods alongside skincare that avoids harsh ingredients like essential oils, harmful synthetics, and damaging seed oils. Our products take a holistic approach to beauty, supporting your skin and body for a vibrant, healthy glow.

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At Kossma Beauty, we understand the importance of quality ingredients from clean sources. We spent years searching for the quality products, doing our best to avoid harmful ingredients as much as possible, only to continuously find ourselves learning the hard way.

That's why we created Kossma. We take the time to find, vet, and thoroughly test each of our raw materials and manufacturing partners.

At Kossma, we are committed to 100% Traceability and Transparency.

We source our ingredients from small farms because we believe that small farms produce higher quality ingredients and are doing more to Regenerate our environment than the harsh treatments and processes that have become synonymous with Big Agriculture.

Nourish your way to beautiful skin™


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