Stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener with zero calories, carbs, and sugar, has become a popular choice among those in the holistic wellness spaces seeking alternatives to cane sugar and artificial sweeteners. This is because stevia offers Sweetness without artificial sweeteners or extra calories of cane sugar. However, some stevia sweeteners might contain a hidden ingredient: erythritol, a sugar alcohol with damaging side effects.

The problem is the FDA allows erythritol to be listed as a processing aid for natural stevia sweeteners. This means it can be added to stevia sweeteners without being explicitly listed on the ingredient labels of the foods and supplements that contain stevia. Consumers are left unaware of erythritols presence in their food and supplements. Being that erythritol has such damaging side effects one would want to know if this ingredient was snuck into the products they're consuming.

Why is erythritol added to stevia in food and supplement manufacturing?

• Masking aftertaste: Stevia, in its pure form, can have a slightly bitter or licorice-like aftertaste. Erythritol helps mask this aftertaste for a more pleasant
taste profile.

• Bulk and Texture: Pure stevia extract is incredibly concentrated - hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Such a small amount wouldn't provide the bulking and texturizing properties that sugar or other sweeteners do in baking or food production. Erythritol helps fill out the volume.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Pure stevia extract can be more expensive than erythritol.
Blending the two allows manufacturers to create a more affordable product.

• Marketing Claims: Since erythritol has almost zero calories and is not metabolized by the body, some manufacturers might add it to maintain a "zero calorie" or "sugar-free" label claim for added filler.

Not all stevia products contain erythritol. Look for labels that say "pure stevia leaf extract" and email the company in question and ask if their stevia has added erythritol.

Many people enjoy stevia, but some experience side effects. Could the culprit be erythritol and not stevia? Stay Tuned for part 2.



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