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My top picks for body care products come from a variety of brands, each chosen for their quality and effectiveness, and are ones I personally use and love.


I'm still on the hunt for the perfect natural shampoo, but I've found a few that come close to checking all my boxes. They tend to be a bit drying, but when I use them in combination with my go-to conditioner, it effectively counters any dryness. Considering the dry climate I live in, and having hair that is normal to fine in texture with sensitive skin, these shampoos have been a good match for me. My favorite shampoo that is not drying is by Graydon, but the essential oils tend to irritate my scalp. If you are not sensitive to EOs, it's a five star shampoo!

Briogeo Shampoo

Graydon Shampoo (contains EOs but works great)

Desert Essence

Kitsch Shampoo Bar

Harklinnikken Shampoo


coming soon

Natural Fiber Clothing

Coming soon


Gembared Right Lights



Cleaning - I use their unscented line

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