Research & Resources

We're excited to share with you the valuable resources that have guided us on our journey into the world of holistic health and animal forward skincare and supplements. For over two decades, we've immersed ourselves in herbology, natural ingredients, and nutrition to create products that support the thyroid and promote beauty from within. Our ingredient choices and holistic practices are backed by extensive research, all aimed at nurturing overall well-being. We hope these resources will be helpful to you, enhancing your own personal journey towards beauty through good health.

Adverse Effects of Aromatherapy | Downloadable article discussing aromatherapy effects on the skin.
B Vitamins | We like this one because it gives a great overview of B vitamins and especially how it affects heart health and hair loss.
Botanical Dermatology, Plants and Plant Products | Injurious to the Skin A compendium of plant-induced dermatoses; pdf download
Echinacea | The 2010 study that showed echinacea's effectiveness at hydrating skin and helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Emodin | The health benefits of emodin in cascara sagrada.
Essential Oils | LibraryA list of articles and studies about essential oils and their effects on the body.
Meadowfoam seed oilBenefits of meadowfoam seed oil in skincare.
Myrrh resin | Study about a type of yeast (fungus) that builds up on acne skin and how myrrh treats it.
PUFA | Breaks down PUFAs and how they impact the body.
Vitamin E | Library of Vitamin E studies and articles.
Native American Medicine | Native American history of medicine.
Progesterone | Library of Progesterone studies and articles.
Plants & The Skin | Documents skin's responses to a variety of plants.
Vitamin E | Great explanations of the protective benefits of Vitamin E when consuming PUFAs.
Saffron | The main antioxidants in saffron are explained and how they work and benefit the body.
Seed oils | Removing seed oils from diet to lessen probablity of sunburn.
Vitamin C | The deleterious effects of vitamin C serums for skin, and that essential oils are also bad for skin.
Vitamin E | Uses in dental health
Vitamin E | Ray Peat on PUFA oils and taking vitamin E to counteract them.
Vitamin D | Overview of the 2 forms of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D3 | An overview of D3 and bone health.
Vitamin K | An overview of Vitamin K and overall thyroid health.
Botanical Dermatology, Plants and Plant Products Injuries to the Skin | A compendium of plant-induced dermatoses.