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We're the most trusted name in our niche, offering high-converting skincare products your audience will love. This means more sales and bigger commissions for you!

Our legacy of innovation and revolutionary skincare solutions sets us apart.

Kossma Beauty revolutionized the skincare industry in 2019 as the world's first company to offer a PUFA-aware product line with a focus on herbal and animal-forward ingredients – and no essential oils, a rarity in holistic skincare. This innovative approach, combined with our commitment to pro-metabolic education, continues to drive our growth and development of transformative remedies.

Not Your Basic Tallow: Kossma Beauty Raises the Bar

Our commitment to innovation led us to pioneer liquid tallow beauty products: Tallow Face Oil & Tallow Body Oil  – a true industry revolution we are so proud of! While dupes may pop up, Kossma Beauty stands as the undeniable original, setting the standard for excellence with stable formulas, 5-star reviews, and a focus on balancing fatty acids and apothecary crafted extracts. 

We are deeply committed to quality sourcing: our grass-fed tallow comes from a single regenerative US farm, and our herbs are organically grown from organic American farms or fair-trade family owned co-ops.

Since our founding in 2019, Kossma Beauty has expanded! We're thrilled to now offer a women's-focused line of hormone-supportive, animal-forward supplements.

And so much more to come in 2024 & 2025 including tallow based makeup, more supplements and skincare!

Our big re-brand with a fresh new look and beautiful packaging launches late spring 2024.

Why Affiliate For Us?

Ready to partner with a brand that's generating major buzz? Kossma Beauty is a rising star in the family-forward, natural mothering, and health and wellness spaces. Our unique, animal-forward products are a fresh take that people are excited to try, especially with your trusted recommendation and an exclusive coupon! As an established brand with a loyal following, we make it easy for you to make affiliate commissions. Plus, Kossma was founded by Stephanie Pena, a relatable wife and mother of three – this isn't just another faceless corporation, it's a brand with heart!

The Program

You'll get free Kossma products, earn a 10% commission when your followers buy from your affiliate link, AND have a special 10% off coupon to offer your followers. 

What We're Looking For

AFFILIATES: Share your exclusive 10% off coupon with followers and earn a 10% commission on every sale.

UGC REELS: Love creating content? Make a Reel (or TikTok) about our products & post it on your Instagram page and we'll pay you $100, plus send freebies! You can even use your affiliate link for extra earning potential.

Calling all experts!

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How To Get Started

Fill out the affiliate application form by visiting this link.

If you're interested in UGC content creation to post on your personal social media page email to Stephanie at and let her what products you'd like to feature and your prices. We are only accepting UGC accounts with over 10k followers with active engagement.

Interested in being featured in Bovine Babes Magazine? Let Steph know what you'd love to write about.

That's it! We look forward to working with you. Thank you.