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Love this oil

I love this squalane! It’s so lightweight and moisturizes without making my skin feel greasy. It absorbs so well. The price point is also great!

Smells so good!

One of my favorite Kossma products! I love the smell and it’s so refreshing on my skin.

Acne Kit
Kayla Young
Game changer for acne

This is the only thing I will use on my face. My skin has always been very acne prone, even as an adult. This acne set has not only cleared my face of ALL acne breakouts but has started to fade my years of acne scarring/hyperpigmentation.

I should mention: I use this with the chamomile cleanser and the tallow balm stick.

Love love it!

I have been using Kossma skin care products for almost a year and I absolutely love each one. I follow the Mature skin routine and my skin is soft and has a radiance to it. My rosea has greatly improved to the point it is gone. The New Moon resin and Pearl serum smells so nice and goes on very smoothly! I love it!

In love

I’d not used an actual moisturize oil yet. I decided to give it a go since I thought my skin was looking dry. What a difference!!! It looks and feels so healthy!


I’ve not bought a face cleanser in many years. I’ve been oil cleansing for about 15 years with jojoba oil. I decided to try it. My skin looks so nice and healthy, it’s so soft. I really feel like I look younger.

Another LOVED Kossma product

The Best!

Been using this cleanser for a while and it has the best gel texture and cleans without my skin drying out. I struggled with hormonal acne postpartum and this has been key to getting my complextion back! (In addition to the Sacred Skin & Vitamin C serum) Love all the Kossma products so much and so glad I found them ❤️❤️❤️

One of my favorite products

Just started using this one. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel, especially when sealed in with the tallow balm. One of my favorite Kossma products!

Best Sellers Kit
Kaylyn Dickmann
Love love love

This is my favorite trio in skincare I’ve had for a while. I usually only oil cleanse but have been needing something else and this is so gentle but does the job. My favorite is the tallow balm roll on. So versatile, I use it for my baby and I.

Giving this a shot...and it feels promising

I have recently discovered that lack of vitamin B may be a significant factor in my health, and I was delighted to see a solution from Kossma that contained the whole spectrum of B. I love the taste, I find myself craving my daily dose, and I am hooked on the belief that it is helping. Currently stocking up so I can continue administration- I believe I am already seeing benefits and with time will prove to be a significant component to my healing. Cheers to you Kossma for another great success!

Ghee Balm

Loving all the products! So silky the formulation and hydrating to my skin! I noticed on day 2 my skin really loves it

Love it!

This make up remover works really well, and my skin feels so fresh and soft after I use it. Highly recommend it!

Chamomile Cleansing Gel
Leleia Alexander

The best natural skin care I have found. I love all of your products so far.

My new favorite serum

I love this oil. The smell is amazing and my skin is loving it. It glides on smoothly and leaves my skin feeling soft & moisturized without a greasy feeling. It is my new go-to face serum.

Love this!

Sacred Skin serum is absolutely lovely. My skin loves it- it doesn’t leave my skin greasy, but makes it feel moisturized and very happy.

Great product

so far i like this oil, first month using and have noticed less breast tenderness and better mood

hydration in a stick

Got this because my boyfriend was complaining it was too cumbersome to use the Tallow Oil. He loves it and I have stolen a swipe or two here and there because it is so easy, hydrating and light

Tallow Body Oil
Elizabeth Rickard

I am obsessed with this stuff, it smells AMAZING, it is so hydrating but I don't feel greasy or weighed down by it. My boyfriend even uses it haha!

love this stuff

Amazingly light yet still nourishing to my skin. A part of my nightly skin routine for now until forever haha!

Chamomile Cleansing Gel
Lindy Pochucha
Perfect cleansing gel

This cleansing gel feels luxurious as your washing your face with it. It’s wonderful to know that it is made with all clean products and not doing damage to my skin. It’s very gentle, but it works!

Love this serum!

I love the vitamin C serum from Kossma. I have very sensitive skin and I break out with most new products, especially natural based ones (I’m talking hives not acne). This one is so mild I have had zero skin irritation with using it. I use it in the morning along with a tinted moisturizer and it sets a nice dewy base if I am wearing makeup that day. I also use it at night sometimes for extra hydration. It’s very versatile and helps keep my skin glowing. I haven’t noticed it help any with my melasma or dark circles, but it helps with brightness of my skin overall for sure and my skin stay hydrated and dewy.

Ordering more

Really happy with this product just like all my other Kossma products. Using for dry winter skin, both for myself and for the kids. Already got more on the way.

Great product!

Started using this product and felt the positive effects after a week. Will be a repeat customer for sure! Thank you!

5 stars

This is a great balm/moisturizer! It seals in the oil without feeling greasy and absorbs into the skin!