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Absolutely love this product! I have very dry skin and noticed that it was only getting worse (dry and redness) while using the Crunchi cleansing bar for sensitive skin. Cleaning my face with an oil has drastically improved my skin. It looks brighter and the redness has dramatically gone down! Feeling more and more comfortable without makeup! This will be a consistent staple! I follow up with the tallow moisturizing balm!

Butter cleanse

Absolutely loving the butter oil perfect for my dry skin and hormonal acne which I am hoping will continue to get better

Along with the butter cleansing oil, this tallow balm got rid of my very dry, inflamed skin. It feels so good on my skin, and it smells soooooo good!

Butter Cleansing Oil
Jenny Bradfield

I LOVE this cleanser. My skin is SO dry and reactive and sensitive to everything I put on it, so I was very doubtful anything good would come from putting BUTTER OIL on it. The texture of my skin has been utterly transformed. It used to be rough and bumpy, but now it's soft and smooth! With the addition of the hydrosol, reishi oil, and tallow balm, my skin is beautiful and dewy! I haven't needed make-up as a 36 year old woman! :)

Acne Kit
Whitney Hamm
Acne kit

I am loving this product!! My skin feels so hydrated and healthy!

Sooo good!

Loving the Tallow Beauty Balm as my go-to face moisturizer! I tend to have drier skin and this keeps it so soft and healthy looking! I often prefer my bare skin over using make-up since I’ve been using this balm!

Former moisturizer hog

I am a recovering lotion addict. Truly. Every day, ALL over. This body oil has saved me!! I love using it when I get out of the shower. It leaves my skin perfectly hydrated, silky smooth and youthful looking. If I were ever stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one thing with me, it would be this oil.

Acne Kit

My teen daughter has suffered from cystic acne on her upper back for years. We've tried everything under the sun. We were mildly hopeful that this acne kit would help, as we've been disappointed by so many other brands before. We are SHOCKED by the results! Large cysts are GONE, scarring is diminished and my daughter's confidence is boosted! After just a month, tiny little skin-colored bumps remain, but we're excited to continue to see what further results may come. I only wish we would have taken before and after pictures. THANK YOU, Kossma!

Love it!

Perfect for everyday use, leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth!

Finally!!! My skin is actually clear!

Finally!!! My skin is actually clear!
I started living naturally and eating pro-metabolic two years ago. So many aspects of my health have holistically improved since I began eating to heal my body, but I began breaking out more because of all the toxins that needed to come out of my body. I used kossma for these two years, but it was not until they created this serum that my skin drastically cleared up. It is so gentle on my very sensitive skin and truly heals without harshness. Every other acne treatment leaves you I’m with dry skin, but this serum is what my skin craves and it never dries me out. I think I noticed a difference as soon as a month into using it. JUST TRY IT!

Best products

I’m so happy I made the switch to Kossma skincare. Everything in this bundle is amazing. The hydrosol keeps my skin so hydrated. I’ve struggled with acne for years and my skin has made such an improvement after using Kossma. I will be a lifetime customer!

Best Sellers Kit
Lindsay Hein
Happy Skin Again!

I waited too long to reorder my Chamomile Cleansing Gel and thought I’d get away with other cleansers on hand in the interim. No way. My face almost instantly started breaking out, and just lost its smooth, glowing complexion. Since my kit has arrived, my skin is so much healthier and happier again! A huge difference! I LOVE my Kossma products!

Best product

I’ve been using the kossma for about a year and my face has NEVER looked better. I’m 65 I’ve been fighting acne almost all my life. Dry skin, discoloration. I get compliments all the time from people that know me. They knew the struggles I’ve been through and how awesome it is to transform my skin to beauty. What a great product! Ty


I’ll never go back to anything else. This is it for me. Smells amazing and the feeling of my skin afterwards is amazing. My twin toddlers love it too!

Love it!!!

Amazing product that feels great and makes my skin feel so nourished.

Chamomile Cleansing Gel
Kierstyn Laffoon
All the stars

A cleanser that gets the job done without being harsh on the skin

Reishi Rose

I love the smell of this tallow oil and it makes my skin so soft and moisturized.


This stuff is AMAZING! So make sure your timer is set and plan ahead to order this when it's in stock. IMMEDIATE results. My skin soaks it up and the scent is nice also.


I absolutely love this product! I struggled with rosacea a lot growing up and this face cleanser makes my face look like it’s glowing. I can trust that this product is all natural and good for me 😊👍

Excellent product!

I love this product. I have been using this serum for a couple of months and my skin feels softer and my complexion looks healthier. I use it day and night.

Ghee Balm
Laura Robbins
Ghee Balm

I’ve been using Ghee balm for about a week now. I love the way my skin feels! I do have some age spots and I’m hoping in time they will diminish.😊.

This product SAVED my skin.

After 20 years of acne starting in my early teens, this was the magic key to healing my skin. A year ago I started on a pro metabolic journey to healing my body through food, and found Kossma skin care products. I started with the chamomile gel cleanser, sacred skin, and marshmallow malva hydrosol and saw huge improvements in my skin’s texture and heal time when new blemishes surfaced. After about 6mo of using those products I finally bit the bullet and tried the butter cleansing oil though. Within the first wash I knew it was exactly what I needed, and within a week I went from several blemishes to maybe one or two. After several weeks of use I’m only getting some small acne around certain times of my cycle, but my skin is 95% healed. I LOVE this product.

Best seller kit

My favorite products in one bundle!!❤️❤️ Smells delicious. Feels so nurturing for my skin. ❤️

Acne Kit

Wow! I love the way this feels on my skin and how it makes it look. I’ve only been using for a few weeks but I noticed a difference within days. I was worried at first about any reactions my skin could potentially have, especially clogged pores so I tried going slowly starting with one product but after the second face wash I just was impatient and had to do the whole routine and I had no issues! In fact I started using during my cycle and I noticed a cystic acne start to come up the third day during use but after a day it surfaced and then after slightly popping to get some of the superficial white out and then applying these products it went down within a day! (By the way I personally love the smell of the hydrosol!)

I even had a guy friend ask if I was doing something different with my face.

Overall my skin looks happier and my acne has gone down. If anything does decide to pop up this gets it gone in a day or two of morning and night application. Im so happy I found Kossma. I love the clean and sustainable products and the commitment from the owner to put great products out here for us consumers that desire quality and transparency and just all around goodness for our health.

I can’t wait to start trying the other products!

Best scrub ever

This is the best scrub I’ve ever used. You only need a very small amount and lasts a long time. The beads don’t really break down, so you can scrub for longer without having to use more product. My skin is soft and bright now. I really love it