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Best Cleanser

I have used so many cleansers that would leave my skin feeling dry and blotchy - this cleanser is SO gentle and has worked really well for my dry sensitive skin AND it is effective. I don't get nearly as many breakouts as I did before.

Hydrates like no other

I am about to purchase my third tube of
The Tallow Beauty Balm. It lasts for about 6 months and it is the only thing I have found that works to take away the crepiness that is beginning to
happen on my 40+ year old neck!

Gentle cleanser

I really like the gentle cleansing of this product. It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry or irritated. My only complaint is that the pump is hard to push down and makes it a little difficult to dispense.

Smoothens skim

I use this as a gentle exfoliant once a week and leaves my face feeling much softer and smoother. It is very easy to use.

I am 57 and live in beautiful Montana. I have struggled with keeping my skin hydrated, it’s very dry here…especially in the winter. I feel like I found my perfect combo Butter | Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover, Ghee Balm, Marshmallow Hydrosol. I’m in love!

Love this set!

Absolutely love all 3 products!! The tallow balm is simply the best too.

So hydrating

My skin soaks this stuff up. I feel so dewy and hydrated and it does not break me out as an acne prone girl. I'm on my third bottle and only wish they came in larger sizes!

Gentle yet thorough

This product does exactly what you want it to! cleanses well but feels gentle without drying out skin!

So incredibly nourishing!

This has made my face look so glowy and nourished. I also love the smell!

Love it!

Reishi Rose makes my skin feel so soft and well-nourished. I use it every day. Highly recommend!

Almost magic…

I’m 35 years old and struggle to manage my skin. It’s very sensitive and I have fairly severe adult acne. I have lots of scarring and current flare-ups. While this product isn’t quite “magic”, it is very calming and nourishing. It took a little while (I’ve been using for about 2 months now) and it’s just wonderful. My acne scars seem to be healing and tone is much less red and uneven. While I do still get acne flare-ups, they seems to clear up faster and with less scarring.
This also smells lovely without any overwhelming fragrance. Thank you so much for making this product!

Works well!

I only used this a couple times (and I was pleased with the results) before my teenage son stole it lol. He says it works really well on acne and rough cuticles.

Great for pregnancy, post-partum, and changing skin

Prior to getting pregnant, I was developing dry patches on my face that were not going away with traditional moisturizers. I started using the sovereign salve with the hydrosol each morning. My skin started to improve.

With pregnancy, I developed acne, but continued to use the sovereign salve. I was afraid the acne would get worse with the heaviness of the Kossma ingredients, but my face pretty much stayed the same throughout pregnancy.

Now I am 8 weeks postpartum and my skin looks and feels great. I am 41, so fine lines are definitely a part of my life, but my overall skin tone is soft, rosy, and moisturized.

The best part about the sovereign salve is that a small container lasted me about 6 months!

Highly recommend this skin care routine.

Great product!

Love to use this morning and night! Leaves my face feeling great! Helps with breakout too.

Such a huge help for sleep!

I take this before bed and it greatly improves my deep sleep!

Marshmallow Hydrosol
Desiree Schmidt
Buy it now!

This hydrosol is *chefs kiss*. I have not been without it for a few years now & is a staple in my skin care routine. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and I love pairing it with the squalene for the perfect combo!

Feeding My Mind

I've always been so nervous to start. Stephanie, your comprehensive kefir-making guide was fantastic! It inspired me to dive in and gave me the assurance I needed to begin the process. Many thanks for your guidance! 🙂

I first ordered from Kossma in 2022 and didn’t order the Pearl. I ordered it late 2023 and have kicked myself for not ordering sooner. It’s the most gentle exfoliant I’ve ever used. It leaves my skin so soft and never feels abrasive.

Great product

As with all of their products, this one is Amazing. Definitely use a moisturizer with the vitamin C. Kossma has several moisturizers to offer.

Gentle and Moisturizing Chamomile Cleanser

This cleanser works without drying, and is perfect before using the Marshmallow Hydrosol. A great routine, especially on days I wear makeup. Thank you, Kossma, for another lovely product!

Fabulous Tallow Balm!

I love this product, which I originally received as as gift from my daughter. What I love most is how smoothly it goes on the skin without being sticky, but moisturizes so fully. My face and neck feel so much softer and more supple since I started using this product. Thank you!

What a relief!

I suffer from postpartum lichen sclerosis and it is very uncomfortable and even painful at times. I have tried many things and this by far has help me the most with adding moisture back and helping prevent any more pain. It’s only been a couple weeks and I’ve only had to use it twice because it works so well!

Squalane Facial Oil
Jessica Davis
Perfect for my skin

This oil is perfect for my skin. I lean toward having tight and dry skin so using a little squalane oil helps my face relax a bit. Plus it absorbs quickly, so I never feel greasy and it doesn’t clog my pores at all. Highly recommend!

So far so good

Doesn’t just feel great on my skin, but so far it seems to be helping keep my PMS acne at bay!!

Exfoliation must have

I love this stuff and use it once a week. It leaves my skins feeling fresh and smooth. Perfect exfoliation every time.