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Animal Based Beauty

Seed oils and essential oils are found in nearly every holistic skincare product on the market. It is our belief that this combination is not healthy nor does it promote beautiful skin. Because of this, we use animal fats and low PUFA oils that provide bioactive nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as balanced fatty acid profiles that nourish and beautify the skin.

"Seed oils sensitize the skin to ultraviolet exposure; in animal experiments, the presence of seed oils caused skin to wrinkle from UV exposure. Inflammation, cancer and other age-related changes are promoted by their breakdown products, and their conversion to prostaglandins." Dr. Ray Peat

Meet our Farmers

We formulate our skincare products using house-made botanical extracts derived from herbs and flowers grown by local farmers, whom we are proud to call our friends.

Whole Plant Skincare

Sustainability is a fundamental part of Kossma's business philosophy. This is the reason why we formulate our products using whole plant extracts rather than essential oils, which contain only the volatile compounds of the plant. Our philosophy is to create extracts that are truly beneficial to the skin by working together with the whole plant and all of its constituents.

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