It started with a simple truth.

Almost every modern skincare product we purchase today is formulated to include harmful essential oils, skin irritants, and seed oils, that cause premature aging, acne, and discoloration. We had to get back to the basics. We had a need for simple, animal based products using whole plant extracts and ancient resins, that heal our skin and beautify from within.

Behind the brand


Kossma is founded on regenerative practices, reinforcing our relationship with nature, working with the ingredients and resources that are naturally occuring. We happily exist outside of the mainstream synthetic skincare market, opting instead to partner with small farms, local manufacturers and partners who share our core values.


results you CAN SEE


We use potent blends of natural herbs and animal-based products to mimic and rebuild the skin's natural biome. Our formulations are backed by decades of research and training in the natural skincare space. We the work with our customers to listen and learn how best to serve the needs of this growing community.


Beauty Within As Without

Kossma Beauty's holistic approach to beauty embraces the integration of total body, recognizing that nurturing one system nurtures them all. With clean, minimal, sustainable, and thyroid-friendly ingredients such as animal fats like tallow, ghee, and leaf lard, fruit oils, whole plant botanicals, herbs, resins, and specialty ingredients direct from nature, our formulations promote health and radiance from within and without.

Founded by a passionate advocate of animal-based skincare and herbal medicine, Kossma Beauty provides products that honor traditional wellness principles, supporting optimal health and beauty for all. As we continue to grow, we aim to expand our product lines and develop new herbal remedies and metabolic supportive supplements, staying true to our commitment to holistic well-being.

Tallow Skincare by Kossma

Founder, Stephanie Peña

I've been crafting animal-based skincare products for over 20 years, and Kossma Beauty reflects my passion for nurturing the body, inside and out.

Herbology became a passion of mine during my aesthetics training in 2003, and I continued studying it after earning my license. When one of my children developed liver-related health issues, I delved into learning how to support the whole body system through holistic medicine and discovered the healing and protective properties of an animal-based diet including raw milk, saturated fats, organs, gelatinous rich broths, herbal medicine and supplements when necessary.

Using my knowledge of healthy animal fats and herbal medicine, I developed skincare formulations for my family and began selling them at local markets, establishing the foundation for Kossma Beauty. Kossma Beauty debuted the world’s first ever “pufa-aware skincare” product line in 2019, gaining widespread recognition for its skincare and supplement products, as well as pro-metabolic education. My goals for the future include expanding our existing product lines as well as developing new herbal remedies and metabolic supportive supplements that embrace traditional wellness to ensure optimal health and beauty.