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Kossma's 5 Star Reviews

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Based on 3266 reviews
Pearl Micro-Exfoliant
Jenny Brown
brilliant product !

I have used this product several times and I've been pleased with it. A little bit goes a long way for sure. I mix it with an oil that I use as I do not have the cleansing gel. It helps my skin feel super smooth and bright!

Ghee love

Ghee wiz I love this balm! I love using it in the evening with my malva hydrosol. A little is all you need!

Enhanced dewy complexion

I've been working on my complexion for a month or so now with Kossma products, and I love this oil! Its incredibly moisturizing but doesn't feel overly thick. I do believe this product has contributed to the more hydrated look of my complexion!


Wonderfully nourishing, we use this alot before bed to rehydrate from our outdoor high desert life.
Both my partner and I feel we wake up with plump nourished skin in the morning.
I've also used this on my perioral dermatitis when I did not have the sovereign salve on hand and it definitely did the trick in relieving the discomfort and irriation.

Truly Dreamy

For anyone nervous or who has experienced tallow products that do not smell "good", this is the body oil for you.
A very gently sweet, dreamy scent that absorbs into your skin and leaves it glowing. My sensitive skin thanks you!

Absolute Life Saver

The Kossma Sovereign Salve is something you do not catch me without. My sister in law recommended Kossma to me after my endless battle with perioral dermatitis. Not only does the Sovereign Salve smell amazing, it also has healed my dermatitis.
I have tried it all, I fought it for years in college and prefer to only use pharmaceutical antimicrobials as a last resort.
The pharmaceuticals don't touch what the sovereign salve has done for my face.
I wish I had taken before and after photos as a testament. Thank you for this wonderful product!


I never really felt good about skincare routine until I started using Kossma products.
These products make my skin feel so good and I feel like it gives my tired mama skin some lovely glow and feel. The Reishi oil is so smooth and nice to apply. 5 star and and will order again.


This is my absolute favorite Kossma product. I use it morning and night after washing with the amazing chamomile cleanser and a spritz of hydrosol. My skin has never felt or looked better. I get hormonal acne and have combination oily/dry skin. This has evened out my complexion.


I have very sensitive skin (rosacea) and pregnant so safe and gentle is a must! This feels amazing on and within 3 days my skin was visibly smoother and less red. I can also see a difference with old scaring and dark spots. I topped off with the tallow balm!


I’ve tried lots of different collagen products and THIS is the one I have ever actually noticed results with. My nails are so much stronger now. It mixes into my coffee perfectly, and doesn’t add any flavor. It’s the perfect collagen and I will not use another brand of collagen as long as Kossma keeps making this one!!!

I love this product

I have never been able to find an exfoliant that I liked until now. My pores are noticeably smaller, and my skin feels so soft and refreshed. I follow it up with the squaline serum and the tallow balm, and my skin has never looked better.

So nourishing and healing!

This product couldn’t be better! I use it on my baby’s rashes, sunburns, dry cracked skin, or even cuts and it not only helps nourish and keep her skin soft but I have watched it heal scratches so quickly and help aid sunburns.
I also use it and I am obsessed with how it makes my skin feel. A little goes a long way!

I love this oil!

This oil smells like chocolate and is great for me and my baby girl who has super sensitive skin! I’m just a little sad that there isn’t a bigger size because I have a feeling I’m going to go through this fast especially if I want to use it all over my body.
Overall I love this product and the rest of kossma products that I use. I have never had healthier skin.

Chamomile Cleansing Gel
Lauren Smith
Perfect Cleanse!

This is the best cleanser I have used! It also takes my make-up off and leaves behind soft skin.

The best!

This is the best! It isn't greasy feeling at all and it's something I use daily! Plus, it smells amazing to me!

LOVE this product!

I’ve been using the Sacred Skin Serum file a week now and have already noticed multiple positive changes to my skin. Overall texture feels better and I feel like my acne is finally working its way out. I’m definitely experiencing a purge period but pimples are healing faster than they ever have and aren’t as deep. This is the first time I’ve used something that has soothed my skin so quickly and I’m excited for future lovely, happy skin!

Love it

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now, it leaves my skin very soft and no damaging chemicals going into my body❤️.


To say I love this serum is an understatement. My skin’s tone is so much more even. It feels refreshed, and it absorbs very well on my skin.

like bathing in a pool of chocolatey goodness

i had been using another tallow brand for several years and theirs was a whipped texture so i could easily lather on a thick amount onto my body which i always liked to do because it made me feel more moisturized. however, i realize now that i felt the need to do that because i was compensating for the lack of moisture i actually was getting from it. the essential oils in it must've been running me dry the more and more i used it. so when i started using this body oil, it was an adjustment because you don't really need much at all for this to spread throughout your body (best if you have your body damp). i was always so used to having a glob of oily mess all over my body with my previous products, but this body oil does not leave you this way, but yet it moisturizes incredibly!! i also smell absolutely incredible after putting this on.


i'm surprised to see this product does not have nearly as many reviews as the others because IT DESERVES IT! i have purchased from kossma one time so far and bought 4 products. this was one of them and although this is difficult to say because all the products have been STELLAR, sovereign salve has got to be my most favorite by far! when you get this, you might be like hmmmm this is a tiny pot for the price but oh my goodness it's majestic how you only need the tiniest amount to make an impact. when the seasons began to change, i began to develop some eczema spots on one of my arms and a little below my eyebrow. this salve has completely taken away all inflammation and is slowly but surely making it go away. the little eczema spot under my eyebrow is practically gone! OH and to my surprise, it was not my intention to use this salve on my scalp but whenever i'd put some of it on my face, i'd push back the excess into my hairline where i've been struggling with quite itchy and nasty dry scalp for several years. sovereign salve is my girl!!!!! after trying practically EVERYTHING under the sun to at least minimize the itch and flakiness to no avail, this one did it!

Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil
alyssa martinez
absolutely stunning

i'm not one to write reviews, but i have to for this skincare because it's better than i could've ever imagined. i had been using another tallow brand, but kept seeing kossma being talked about by other people i was following on instagram. i was starting to not feel that satisfied with the other tallow products i was using and was almost running out anyways so it was the perfect time to try out some kossma products. PERFECT timing honestly because this is exactly what i needed. i was starting to develop a lot of dry spots on my face and bumpy skin around my body and realize now it's probably because of the essential oils in the previous tallow products i had. no matter how much more i put on, it would continue to stay dry. until kossma came along.....i will say at first i was a bit skeptical of this tallow face oil because i was so used to lathering a thick layer on my face in order for me to feel like i was moisturized. i figured because of how small the bottle is that it's meant to last relatively long using just a few drops of it on my face so i've been adding just 2 drops with a damp face for a few short weeks now and let me just say, my face has never felt softer, EVER! there's no oily finish whatsoever which i actually wouldn't mind if it did, but it still leaves you with an actual glow on the skin. i pretty much religiously put it on twice a day (morning and night) because it just feels so dang good but you honestly could skip several days without putting it on and yet your skin still reaps the benefits and continues to stay soft and supple.

Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil
Sierra Coulahan
Tallow oil

I love the way it smells and it makes my skin so beautiful. Also it has smoothed out all my wrinkles!

Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil
Patricia Baldini
Use Everyday

I have been using this oil for a little less than a year and used other Kossma products prior. Every morning after my shower I use this oil with rose water and then do gua sha on my face and neck. I will definitely continue to use Kossma products. I fully appreciate the time , research and care put into these products.

Dream Tallow Body Oil

In love with this body oil! I am so picky about the way lotion or body oils feel on my skin. I typically use something once and pass it on or throw it away. This absorbs into your skin so well and I feel like it lasts a while on your skin! The smell is so Devine, like chocolate! Im gonna have to buy double next time because my husband is using it on his hands and feet and it’s made them so much softer! Can’t wait to try more products!


So smooth and buttery! I usually use raw Shea butter for my skin moisturizer. This goes on so nicely snd smells really mild. Deeply moisturizing without being too heavy.

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