Calcium's Role in Cellular Processes:

  • Enzyme Function: Calcium plays a crucial role in the function of many enzymes, some of which are involved in processes related to hair follicle health and growth.
  • Cell Signaling: Calcium acts as a signaling molecule within cells, influencing the hair growth cycle.


Animal Studies: Research on animals, such as mice, has shown a connection between calcium (and vitamin D) deficiency and hair loss (alopecia). Correcting the deficiency led to normal hair growth.


Human Studies: Some observational studies suggest lower calcium intake and retention may be associated with reduced hair health as people age, especially in women due to the impact of menstruation and menopause on calcium levels.]


Hair Calcium Levels and Bone Mineral Density: A study published in "The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine" found an association between hair calcium concentration, calcium intake, and bone mineral density (BMD). This suggests a connection between calcium status in the body and its presence in hair. You can find a summary and link to the study here:


Calcium Pantothenate and Hair Loss: While not a large-scale study, one clinical trial observed positive hair growth in women experiencing hair loss when treated with a combination of zinc sulfate and calcium pantothenate. This suggests a potential synergistic effect. You can find more about it on Typology's website:


Role of Silica and Calcium: Calcium is important for the body's ability to utilize silica, another mineral suggested to play a role in hair health. Several sources discuss this connection, including HK Vitals:


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