When it comes to eating, there are obviously a TON of differing opinions on how to eat. You have the “carnivore” crowd nowadays, preaching meat alone. The vegans preaching plants alone. And the standard American dieters just munching away on burgers and french fries. 

None of them seeming optimal when you dig down and look at the bloodwork of proponents of each. 

For example, Paul Saladino was a “meat ONLY” advocate until he started looking at his bloodwork and seeing his numbers continuously deteriorate. So he added some natural carbohydrates back in.

And vegans are notoriously low in B12, creatine, carnosine, iron, taurine, lucine, calcium etc. (Sure you can “supplement”. But how many supplements should you be taking every day to be “healthy”.)

Point is, this one-or-the-other type of thinking rarely leads to good results.

Humans have always eaten carbs. Humans have always eaten meat. Eliminating either-or is, in my opinion, unjustifiable. 

Personally, I follow a “Pro-metabolic” way of eating. Largely pioneered by Dr. Ray Peat, it’s an ancestral way of eating that teaches “traditional foods” – but through nutrient-rich sources such as raw milk, fruit, butter & animal fats, homemade sourdough breads, even pure orange juice. 

In addition to the carbs, the diet contains grass-fed ruminant meat, mineral rich seafood, herbal remedies, and occasional organs; which are among the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Side note: This seemingly goes against everything the media says about “healthy eating”...

But does that really surprise you? 

Anyways, after I started eating in a “pro-metabolic” way, my mental health and physical health transformed, and fast. As happens for a lot of women. This is because carbs are NECESSARY for energy and hormone production. Carbs are necessary for fertility, sustaining pregnancy, breastmilk production. 

Some of the benefits include thicker, stronger hair, clear skin, regular periods, ovulation, relief from hormonal disorders (pcos, endometriosis, hashis), noticeable boosts in energy, clearer thinking, etc. And many vegans who are facing health issues are turning to “pro-metabolic” eating as well.

So scientifically, the benefits are undeniable. 

The one downside? The foods in a pro-metabolic diet are often very calorically dense, and because of that, it can be very easy to gain weight, especially for women coming into this way of eating who are already struggling with their weight. When we are in a caloric surplus we will gain weight, even if those calories are coming from healthy nourishing foods. 

For example, a lot of women dive into pro-metabolic eating coming from diets where they didn’t eat breakfast, or generally ate lower calorie processed foods or intentionally restricted calories. Going from that, to suddenly consuming full fat milk, sourdough and butter, fatty oxtail dinners, unlimited cheese, more sugary foods like OJ, ice cream…it’s the perfect storm for gaining weight! 

Especially if you are hypo-thryoid, experiencing hormonal dysregulation and/or are not active enough to burn so many extra calories off. 

Again, most people turning to this way of eating are women post-childbirth. And since our metabolisms naturally slow with age and stress, adding more calories can creep our weight up over time. Yes, I felt amazing after adopting the pro-metabolic way of eating and I still eat this way and look much younger than my age. But I also gained 50lbs because I wasn’t active enough to burn off the extra calories.

Long story long… 

I highly suggest a pro-metabolic way of eating. It’s done wonders for me and so many others. Just be vigilant about the number of calories you’re consuming, and how much the scale is creeping up (if you care about that number). 

I’ll share some do and don’ts - pro-metabolic meal ideas - and all the tips (including how to eat this way without gaining weight) in Thursday's email. 

That’s all for today.

Here’s to healthy food… and nourishing skincare products! 

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