Did you know that essential oils are not true oils in the traditional sense? Their oily appearance might suggest otherwise, but they're fundamentally different from regular oils and fats, which are composed of fatty acids. Essential oils lack these fatty acids, distinguishing them from what we know as oils & fats.

Apart from this, essential oils also differ in that they contain no vitamins, minerals, or nutritional value. They are not sources of nourishment but are concentrated plant aromas that embody the essence or fragrance of a plant. This is why "essential" in their name refers to the plant's fragrance, not to any nutritional or moisturizing value. 

While I enjoy the aromatics of essential oils, particularly the enchanting scent of rose, I recognize they don't play a role in nutritional skincare, so I don't use them in any Kossma formulations. 

Furthermore, essential oils have been linked to an increase in skin issues such as allergic reactions, eczema, and acne. These potent fragrances, despite their natural origin, are highly concentrated and irritating to the skin (even when diluted as low as 1% and less). In some cases, their application can lead to sensitivity or severe allergic responses, exacerbating conditions like eczema. Certain essential oils have properties that might clog pores, leading to breakouts in acne-prone individuals. It's crucial to approach essential oil use in skincare with caution and awareness of these potential side effects.

While essential oils can cause issues like allergic reactions, eczema, and acne, Kossma takes a different approach. In our apothecary, we exclusively use whole plant extracts that we create ourselves. These extracts encapsulate all the beneficial properties of the plants and are much gentler on the skin. This method ensures a more holistic and skin-friendly approach to skincare, avoiding the harshness often associated with concentrated essential oils.

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Kossma's signature skincare line, featuring PUFA aware oils and animal fats, is consciously crafted to balance fatty acids in our tallow and oils, nurturing your skin to its healthiest state. Our products, infused with whole plants and resins and free from essential oils, are designed to be gentle for everyone at all life stages. Utilizing a potent extraction technique, we infuse a broad spectrum of beautifying constituents from herbs and resins into bioavailable animal fats, creating balanced, effective, and healthy skincare solutions.