A few months ago I saw an ad on facebook for a skincare oil made of coconut oil, rose hip oil and argan oil. ⁣

The company posting claimed this face oil has a perfect PH of 5.5 ⁣

I thought that was weird...since oils don't have a PH. ⁣

Have you ever wondered about the pH value of oils in skincare? Interestingly, oils do not have a pH value. This fact is rooted in basic chemistry.

The Science Behind It

pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of water-based solutions. The key term here is 'water-based'. pH is a scale that indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions in substances that can dissolve in water, like acids and bases.

Oils, however, are lipids – they are not water-soluble. This means they do not mix with water, and as a result, they do not produce hydrogen ions. Without hydrogen ions, there is no 'potential of hydrogen' or pH to measure.


Understanding this fundamental aspect of oils helps in appreciating their role in skincare products. Without a pH value, oils can provide moisture and nourishment without affecting the skin's acid mantle.

This short blog post explains in simple terms why oils do not have a pH value, providing a basic understanding of the chemistry involved in skincare.

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