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Bovine Babes

It's always been our dream to share the lifestyle that has radically changed so many of our lives, here at Kossma. Living an Animal Forward life, started with diet and lead to skincare, and it's taken us deeper into a journey that we weren't expecting. What it means to live a simple and regenerative life that re-connects us to our ancestral purpose, has been a truly eye-opening experience.

Over the last few months, we've spent time building meaningful content that spans from recipes, grocery lists, diet advice, lifestyle hacks, our favorite products (outside of Kossma), health discoveries, and supplements you should be and shouldn't be taking. We also share what's happening behind-the-scenes at Kossma, access to totally private sales, and discounts at like-minded brands.

Our team and founder, Stephanie have worked hard to create this space to deep dive into this alternative life, free from overconsumption of products that are quite literally killing us.

Our Animal Insider subscription will be $12 a month, and you will receive access to all of these features (and more surprise offerings).

We hope to see you in Bovine Babes! Space is limited.