The Kossma Promise
The Kossma Promise +

How We Stay Transparent

We Never

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Use harmful essential oils

Kossma does not use any harmful irritants or ingredients containing seed oils, synthetic, or filler oils in any of our products. We believe in saturated skincare that mimics the skin's natural biome, sustaining the body's natural state.

Compromise our values

Kossma is revolutionizing skincare. We are boldly stepping out of Unsaturated synthetic skincare that is sweeping the beauty industry, but Saturated skincare that mimics our skin's NATURAL biome, restoring our natural glow, with healthy animal fats and whole plant extracts.

Use products from factory farms

Kossma does not engage in harmful mono crop agriculture. We are dedicated to regenerative practices that restore nature, as it was intended. Regenerative skincare is Sustainable skincare, using farming techniques that actually create carbon negatives, rather than fictitious net zero claims, popular today.

We Do

best tallow skincare- Kossma
Proudly Use Tallow

Our products incorporate naturally occurring ingredients such as tallow, botanicals, and herbal extracts. We do not use lab grown or synthetic raw materials and we only work with organic animal products, ensuring the highest quality

Work With Nature

Kossma works with nature, using traditional distilling methods, rendering processes, and techniques known to ensure the integrity of the raw materials. Our apothecary and lab partners are dedicated to upholding these traditional extraction methods, while maintaining modern standards.

Believe that our skin can heal itself

Kossma empowers our customers to discover their skin's natural state and return their biome to it's most healthy condition. Modern day skincare consumption tells us that we need to stay in a constant state of stripping the skin and replenishing wiht unnatural materials. At Kossma, we believe in reducing use and returning to a simpler healthier skincare method

Oyster & Pearl Capsules

Dhs. 131.00

Introducing Oyster Pearl, a groundbreaking supplement that combines the best source of real-food nutrients – desiccated oyster, a zinc, copper, and peptide powerhouse, and pearl, a rare source of natural vitamin E, calcium and B vitamins. This unique formula is packed with highly bioavailable nutrients to nourish your body from the inside out. 

The only oyster supplement combined with pearl powder for enhanced benefits. Our formula is pure and natural – no synthetic fillers or excipients, no oyster shell, just 100% oyster fresh meat & pearl encapsulated in natural gelatin.



Desiccated oyster, desiccated pearl powder, rice flour.


Take up to two capsules each day or as directed by your healthcare provider.


USA-sourced fresh desiccated oyster and pearl, manufactured in a GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility by a Natural Products Association member for guaranteed quality & safety.


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Oyster | Nature's Fountain of Youth

Oysters are a rich source of bioactive peptides. These small protein fragments can promote collagen production, essential for maintaining youthful, firm skin. Their antioxidant properties help protect cells from damage that contributes to aging. Additionally, oyster peptides support healthy circulation, delivering vital nutrients to the skin for a radiant glow.

Pearl | Natures Fountain of Youth

Pearl powder's glycine content promotes healthy skin by boosting collagen production, helping to maintain firmness and reduce wrinkles. The antioxidants SOD and glutathione combat free radicals, protecting your skin from environmental damage and keeping it looking youthful.

Zinc – The Multifaceted Beauty and Health Mineral

Zinc is a powerhouse for overall health and beauty. It plays a crucial role in female hormone balance, supporting healthy progesterone levels essential for fertility, a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation. Zinc is a natural libido booster in both men and women, helping to increase testosterone production. This is especially relevant for men, as zinc is a necessary component in testosterone synthesis. A zinc deficiency can disrupt these delicate balances. Additionally, by maintaining strong immunity, zinc helps keep you feeling your best, which naturally radiates from within.

Pearl – Nature's Anti-Aging Gift

Pearl, a gift from the sea, offers unique benefits for preserving a youthful appearance. It contains a special protein called conchiolin, known to promote youthful collagen production, the key to maintaining skin's firmness and elasticity. Research suggests pearl also stimulates your body's production of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and glutathione, two of the bodies most powerful antioxidants that fight cell-damaging free radicals and hydrogen peroxide, contributors to accelerated aging. The amino acid glycine (the active in amino acid gelatin), found in pearl, is another building block for gut health as well as hair growth.

Synergistic Power – Zinc, Pearl, and Oyster Peptides

When combined, oyster and pearl create a potent duo for beauty and wellness. Additionally, oysters and pearls are rich in bioactive peptides B vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, and selenium, all of which play essential roles in overall health. This powerful blend of nutrients works from the inside out to promote the best health and wellness!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Really love this product so much! I love that it’s oyster and pearl powder combined! I was literally looking my skin in the mirror shortly after using this and told my husband my skin looked so good. He asked what I thought it was and I said “I do not know!” Then the next day I went to take it again in the morning and it dawned on me that it was this supplement!! Amazing!


Hoping it works

Highly recommend!!

I notice a positive difference in overall well-being when using this product. Together with the Kossma Calcium, this supplement is exactly that little bit extra that I need.

Laura W
So good

I have been taking this supplement with the egg sheep calcium and vitamin k2 because I am generally deficient in zinc and calcium and the combo is a powerhouse. My gut is so happy with me. Noticed an instant change!! Highly recommend.

Quality supplement and allergy friendly

As a breastfeeding mom of a kiddo with allergies, this was the perfect supplement to add in to my routine to help fill gaps in my diet.

Whole Food Advantage

Mainstream supplements often rely on isolated synthetic ingredients, lacking the natural synergy of whole foods. Oyster Pearl harnesses the combined power of whole-food oysters and pearl for superior results. It provides not only key beauty actives but also the essential cofactors your body needs for optimal absorption and use.

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